Photoized Review: Personalize A Phone Case For That Special Someone For Christmas!

Have you ever just wanted to make someone something special for the holidays? Or just something funny for that crazy coworker at work. Well, Photoized has  you covered. I got to take a look and design one for you to see. Their website is easy to use. They claim you can take any picture and they can add it to a case of your choice. The have many phone styles so finding one to work with your phone should be easy. I made one for my LG G3 phone.

First, let me post my video of how you create one and the process!


Now you see the process is very easy. You have the options to add just one picture or many. I chose to do two pictures. The end result was great and looked just like I wanted. Let me show you the photo from their website and the case that showed up.


intrequied  dsc00540\

The only real difference you can clearly see is the blue is not as bright. This does not affect the look. Let me show you the inside of the case.


From the above picture you can tell that the case is not really a protective case. It is clear in design with a decal added. This means do not drop your phone or you may regret it. This also brings up the issue I ran into with this case. That being is the decal was a little sticky and can be damaged. I found a way to protect it but let me show you what can happen if you don’t.


It scratches easily. I would love to see them add a protective covering. I solved this with some clear coat finger nail polish. You could have also used some clear coat spray from your paint section at your local Lowes or Ace Hardware.

With Christmas being right around the corner I can see this being a great gift. Even with the one issue of the decal being easily scuffed. If you add that clear coat it will help keep it intact. I love the idea of making it a personal and not just grabbing something  that does not have many to it. The case is not a thick case so just remember large falls will still hurt the phone. You can always add a screen  shield you self. For the price of$ 29.99 I don’t think you can go wrong. Now if you’re looking for an all out protective case then this one is not for you. You can make yours at

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