Review: Lumsing DCH-5U 5 Port USB Travel Wall Charger

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Hello folks and welcome to another wonderful product review here at Dragonblogger, brought to you by yours truly. On the menu today, we have the DCH-5U 5 port USB travel wall charger, from Lumsing. Before reading further, please take a quick moment to watch the following brief video review.

I have to say, this charger is actually pretty neat! As I type this out, I’m actually connected to it, typing all of this out on my Akaso W100 Android tablet, and it’s charging up just wonderfully. With power supply ratings of 31W and 6.2A (max), the DCH-5U USB wall charger is diverse and powerful, not to mention decently-priced. There’s not much to say really, being that the charger pretty much speaks for itself, however I’d still like to take a moment to focus on what I can say. There isn’t much which comes in the package, just the charger and it’s power cable, which is a fairly common 2-prong figure-8 kind of deal, much like those which come with many printers.


One of the neatest features of this device, is that it has each of the 5 USB ports labeled accordingly with which devices work best with each connection. From left to right, we have ports for iPad, iPad (yes, 2 are marked the same), Samsung Tab, iPhone and then Android. There is a bit of significance in this design, but to know this, you would normally need to do a little bit of reading; of course it’s still slightly confusing to figure out, even after doing so. In the instruction manual, which comes in printed form, in the box, there is some distinction between 2A and 1A connections. It’s not as simple as saying which ports give off exactly what amperage, however, so it’s sort of a matching game based on the info, as you can see in the images and video.

You can charge up to 5 different devices at once on this charger (up to a total of 6A, which is slightly puzzling given that the manual says 6A and the package says 6.2A, leaving one to wonder which it is, honestly), which essentially eliminates the need for separate chargers, generally speaking; but one would be a fool to just get rid of their other chargers just because of that, so if yours still work(s) then I suggest keeping it/them for use at some other point in time. Of course, you can also charge/power other devices than just those labeled on the device, however it appears that they are just trying to give some obvious labels for some of the most common types of products used currently. For example, on the back of the box, toward the bottom, it notes that you can also use this for digital cameras, power banks and other mp3/4 players. Also noteworthy, is the built-in surge protector, as noted in the “features” list on the packaging.

The shell of the DCH-5U wall charger is constructed of fire-and-heat-resistant ABS plastic, and is molded to give off a stylish aesthetic appearance. It’s boxy and small, measuring a mere 5 3/8″ long x 3″ wide x 1 1/4″ high, not including the cable, which comes in at a lengthy 3.3′ on it’s own.

Simple packaging, great performance, decent price, this device is definitely one that I recommend. Admittedly, the text on the packaging and in the instructions gives off the obvious vibe of slightly-broken English, however it is still yet easy to read and comprehend.
My final verdict is that the DCH-5U 5 port USB travel wall charger is a wonderful device, which is both affordable (regularly priced at $49.99 USD, currently on sale for $19.99 USD, which is practically a steal!) and extremely useful. I see no reason that, if it’s affordable for you to purchase, you should pass up the chance.

It seems that my time here is over for now, folks, however it’s been a pleasure to present this product review for and to you. This is Ronald DMNKLR Smith signing off, and always, remember that I want to know what you want to know about. ;)

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.