Sapphire Radeon PULSE RX 570 ITX 4GB 11266-06-20G Video Card Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

This to me was a struggle between David and Goliath of sorts, the Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX570 ITX 11266-06 vs the Sapphire Radeon NITRO RX570 11266-14.  I did not have a NITRO to benchmark with, but I tried my hardest to surpass it by overclocking and I did pull the GPU well beyond that of the NITRO.  The NITRO’s GPU clock is set to 1340Mhz, while the overclock was at 1405Mhz.  The NITRO has 2 Fans and a larger/wider heatsink, whereas the ITX only has one fan and a smaller heatsink, but their uses are potentially similar, just different landscapes, maybe.

A NITRO would be used more for full systems with plenty of space and cooling and the ITX is made for much more cramped system that might be a little tight in cooling as well.  Sapphire did an amazing job cramming all of that performance into while maintaining close to the same performance.  I might have been able to tap more out of it than even the NITRO can provide, but I will leave that comparison till the day I have one to review.

Let’s check out the Pro’s and Con’s


  • DVI, HDMI and Display Port available
  • Supports 4K displays
  • FreeSync Support
  • Supports DX12
  • 0DB Fan mode
  • Great GPU/Memory Speeds
  • Relatively affordable for the speeds provided
  • Sapphire TRIXX 3.0 is a nice Utility
  • Tiny Size to fit in most spaces
  • Only requires a single 6Pin PCIe connection


  • Only includes one of each output for video
  • Does not include RGB LED’s
  • Does not include any adapters or adapter cables
    • Could be important for people that have 2 x DVI Monitors, 3 x HDMI Monitors, 3 x DP monitors, etc…

The RGB LED’s and Additional adapter are all nice touches, but this is meant to be affordable, so it is not to be expected so I cannot say so much they are cons, but worth mentioning.  The biggest con the lack of additional outputs, tackled on with the lack of adapter cables does degrade the score a tiny bit, can you imagine a PC the size of a small printer hooked up to 2 monitors being able to play games at a decent resolution, that’s a winner in my opinion.

Additional adapters or an additional output would have put this as an Editor’s choice but I can only give it a Highly Recommended.  If it were a single slot card, then it would have been an Editor’s choice because there was no more room, but there is on this card.  Do you agree with my call?  Let me know what you think below, you could make the difference.







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