SmartPhoneAides Rapid Car Charger Giveaway

So last month I reviewed the SmartPhoneAides 5.1A Rapid USB Car Charger and now we get to give one away to one lucky Dragon Blogger fan who needs mobile charging for their vehicle.  As you can see from the picture below (I will link to our review at the end of the article) the Rapid USB Car charger has 3 USB ports instead of the typical 1 or 2, this means you can charge 1 tablet and 2 smartphones or 3 smartphones or a combination with a bluetooth headset all at the same time from a single car outlet port.


This product is being shipped directly from SmartPhoneAides so unfortunately this is a U.S. only giveaway as the product is $19.99 on Amazon and would cost more to ship Internationally plus I don’t even know if cars Internationally have the same outlet ports for charging devices, maybe someone can confirm if they are the same type of ports.

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Rapid USB Car Charger Giveaway


You can also go and read our full review and showcase of it here:

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