3 Unique Steampunk Lamps That I Love Staring At

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Whether you desperately need a new lighting solution or just want a change of pace to the style of a room, a new lamp can be a fantastic centerpiece for any room’s decor. These particularly unique lamps are done in the steampunk style, a rather unique subgenre of science fiction where steam remained as a mainstream source of power. 

Steampunk most recognizably highlights chronologically misguided innovations or retrofuturistic innovations as individuals within the 19th century might have imagined them — recognizing it from Neo-Victorianism — and is moreover established within the era’s point of view on design, culture, building fashion, and craftsmanship. Such technologies may incorporate anecdotal machines like those found within the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne. Other cases of steampunk contain alternative-history-style introductions of such innovation as steam cannons, lighter-than-air carriers, analog computers, or such computerized mechanical computers as Charles Babbage’s Expository Motor. 

So now that I’ve firmly educated you on steampunk as a whole, let’s take a look at 3 Unique Steampunk Lamps That I Love Staring At, and learn more about their various exciting features. Hopefully, by the end of this, you’ll be interested in acquiring one of your very own, or as a gift for a friend or loved one!

FRIDEKO Retro Industrial Steampunk Desk Lamp

Key Features

  • Color: Robot Steampunk
  • Style: Retro, Vintage, Industrial, Antique, stylish
  • Light Source Type: LED, Energy Efficient, Incandescent
  • Shade Color: Brown

This lamp designed to look similar in shape to a robot is likely the most interesting design choice on this list, though all of them are worth a peek. With a wrought-iron finish, this lamp looks stylish anywhere be it your kitchen, bathroom, or your nightstand, and fulfills the steampunk aesthetic you’d be looking for in a product like this. My favorite feature is the gas valve, making it just interesting to look at, though unfortunately, it doesn’t function. This lamp instead uses a push-button switch, which feels like a missed opportunity but it’s still neat to see, and quite the conversation starter. A max wattage bulb runs at 60w, and this gives us room to pair this lamp with a variety of interesting-looking or practical lightbulbs, from vintage to steampunk-designed bulbs, to smart bulbs for a bit of modern practicality mixed with your retro style choice. Aside from just being an affordable lamp, this lamp is an absolute head turner that’d fit in amongst a room with similar design choices, old steamer trunks, a library filled with leather-bound tomes, no matter where you put it it’s sure to be one of the most interesting things in the decor of the room.


FAGUANGAO Industrial Globe Table Lamp

Key Features

  • Color: Black  
  • Style: Antique  
  •  Light Source Type: LED  
  •  Power Source: AC

This lamp by Faguangao combines the pleasingly retro steampunk aesthetic with modern convenience. Between the metallic finish, interesting metal globe design, and the two built-in USB charging hubs this lamp packs a lot into a small package. It’s got a point touch control switch meaning you simply reach out and tap the base of the lamp, and you’re bathing in glorious light, of whatever brightness you want. Following up on that, the lamp has three different brightness settings, easily accessed via the touch system. If you’re tired of fumbling with your current lamp in the dark, looking for the switch, then this is the lamp for you. This lamp is on the smaller end, meaning it takes up less space, as well as coming with a 6W 2700K E26 led bulb, styled after the classic designs by Thomas Edison, which fits the lamp extremely well. In addition to all this, they’ve got an after-sales guarantee which may just save you some money in the event that your lamp does end up faulty, or you have any issues. All in all its a fantastic lamp and would make a lovely gift for anyone in your life who can appreciate such an interesting yet functional design.


Savage Metal – Rustic Industrial Edison Steampunk Lamp with Switch


  • Color: Silver  
  • Style: Steampunk  
  • Light Source Type: LED/Incandescent  
  • Power Source : Corded Electric

We’ve come to our last lamp and my personal favorite on this list. This piece by Savage Metal is an absolute jaw-dropper, and if it had an option for a wall sconce version, I’d buy five. The absolute coolest part about this lamp is the fact that it’s made with reclaimed gears, pipes, and welded round bars. The base is even a recycled automotive transmission gear. The overall design is really neat as well and looks like it comes straight from a warehouse from the 1950s. The switch is positioned on what looks like an old-school junction box, and the whole thing is just insanely cool to look at. Not to mention even the plug has a unique circular design that reminds me of a lot of older electric using appliances I’ve seen while out antiquing. It uses a standard E26 bulb, and Savage Metal themselves recommends an Edison Bulb to complete that fantastic steampunk look. It’s an absolutely unique piece that would look fantastic on a desk or a table. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a bulb, but it’s fully assembled and honestly, just look at it. What a fantastic lamp. I’ll be purchasing one for myself this holiday season, and I hope you dear reader will too.

Final Thoughts

Steampunk is probably one of the most varied, and interesting aesthetics one could apply to their home, and these lamps all fill that niche and then some, with so much personality and style to boot. From robots to industrial torches, they all look rather interesting and would look fantastic in anyone’s home, steampunker or not. I hope this has been an extremely informative showcase, and that you have a pleasant rest of your day, thanks for reading.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.