The Dragoncast Episode 9: Video Game Over?

It’s a new week and a new episode of The Dragoncast. This week we are joined by one of Dragon Blogger’s very own writers, Victor Salazar once again as we discuss the current fall of video game company THQ . We give our opinion on what current video game companies need to do in order to survive in this poor economy and how games need to stop being more of the same. Also we discuss … Read more

The Dragoncast Episode 8: When Technology Fails and….a new host!

This week on The Dragoncast we are joined by Luke Bayliss who happens to be the newest member of our staff here at Dragon Blogger as we discuss some of our most epic fails with technology. Ever get excited about a product and cannot wait to take it home and then the item you spent your hard earned dollars on isn’t anything you expected it to be? Well we cover this and much more including … Read more

The All New DragonBlogger Podcast

I have been wanting to add more rich media here on for a while and flirted with a podcast back in 2008/2009 only to get too busy and focus on video tutorials and other efforts.  Well after talking with one of my recent staff members Brian Alford who used to run a video game podcast with his friend we have decided to put together a DragonBlogger Podcast called “The Dragoncast” this will be a … Read more