The Future Of Casinos And AR Technology

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You’ll more than likely have heard of the latest tech trend sweeping the nation. Augmented Reality is the technology that most industries are taking a keen interest in right now, and it’s even overshadowing Virtual Reality in many respects. While it’s been around a while, Pokémon Go really helped to bring AR into the mainstream, and it’s no surprise that the forward-thinking online casino industry already see it as the future.

The online casino industry has consistently evolved over the years, incorporating the latest technology, and augmented reality is the next natural step. According to several reports, it’s believed that bets at online casinos placed via Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is set to increase to well over £420 million over the next three years, proving that more and more people will begin to use the technology to play their favorite casino games.

So, what can Augmented Reality bring to the online casino industry? Well, as we saw with the Pokémon Go phenomenon, AR adds a virtual layer and components over a real-life background, and this is ideal for online casino players. What makes online and mobile casino so popular is that it allows people to enjoy their favorite games from wherever they are, even from the comfort of their own home. AR technology takes this experience and adds to it further, enhancing the gaming experience the player enjoys immensely.

One thing that has been relatively lacking over the years is the recreating of that authentic casino experience for players playing online or on mobile; but with AR technology and AR casinos, this becomes possible. Live casino is very popular with players right now, but that means enjoying a live service on a screen, however, augmented reality improves this further. Players could for example visit an AR casino, or use an AR service which put a live dealer in their house for example, creating that authentic casino experience.

An online casino player who is fond of playing roulette could load an AR version of the game on their smartphone or tablet, this would then see the roulette wheel, the table and the croupier all appear on the screen but in the real-life setting. So, it’s easy to see why online and mobile casinos using AR technology is the future as together they help to deliver an even more authentic and realistic experience, no matter where the player is.

Virtual reality casinos are also having an impact already, with many players opting to play in them again due to the more authentic experience they provide than the standard online casino. VR casinos allow people to play while also interacting with other players, at the casino tables or even away from them. This has become one of the major draws of this new breed of online casino, especially with Virtual Reality headsets now a mainstream product and something that more and more people will have in their home over the next few years.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.