Top 9 Technologies That Are Changing the World

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In the early 1950s and 60s, people predicted that by 2000, there will be lot many changes in technology and we could even have robots and flying cars. These new technologies will have an effect on our lives. We now have live streaming, social networks, smartphones, Not flying cars but self-driven vehicles and definitely different types of robots. Almost all the technologies have been covered and we are again looking at a technology boom where we will have more advanced technologies to assist in our daily lives.


These processes will very soon change the world we live in. We may have a technology revolution of the kind we saw when the Internet was introduced to the world. We will look at some of the technologies which are changing the way of our lives.

1. Voice assistants

A few years back, no one could have imagined this kind of assistant for the home. It is believed that most homes in America will be equipped with a voice assistant. With the increasing research in artificial intelligence, it is believed that Voice assistant will soon cover all aspects of life. These voice assistants have been increasingly helpful and even today many companies release updates for their products. This helps the users get more service and help with their product.


Crispr or Crispr Cas-9 also known as Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats is a gene-splicing technology which can help in finding and removing mutate sections of any DNA. This technology can also replace the removed section with non-mutated variants. This is helpful in removing genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis and Huntington`s. If these can be cured these genetic diseases can be eliminated as well. This will be a great help in removing certain genetic diseases permanently from the bloodlines.

3. Robot assistants

Some companies have been working full-fledged in developing various types of robot assistants. They can be used in factories and on the battlefield. One such company is Boston Dynamics which was part of MIT and has been able to develop robots which are robust and intelligent. Another similar company is Knightscope which has been working on creating robot assistants for security applications.

4. Augmented and mixed reality

Till a few years back, augmented and mixed reality had many loopholes and was not sure if it can happen. With many companies already investing millions of dollars it is very clear that the tech will be part of mainstream very soon. It is believed that Apple has been working on an AR headset which will replace iPhone very soon.

5. Regenerative medicine

The medical field has always been in need of new and better technology. Getting to reproduce body organs in a petri dish will definetly change many things. In this process, doctors take the cells of the body part required and grow them in a petri dish. Once the body parts are strong enough you can have it implanted in the patient`s body. A company has also developed a printer to 3D print the body parts.

6. Self-driven cars

Many automobile companies have started working on the concept of self-driven cars. Many IT companies have been working in this field providing the necessary support and technology. The technology has been rapidly evolving and GM has announced that it will launch a new car series which will have no pedals, wheel or steering.

7. Reusable rockets

The construction of a powerful rocket is the costliest aspect of space and if we are able to figure out the way to reuse these rockets it can help reduce the space travel cost.

8. Cryptocurrency

This is again something which has been developing and at a certain point of time the Bitcoin was worth more than $19000 per coin. Although the valuation has declined it is still worth thousands of dollars. Many people may be against this or may not be ready to accept them it is still getting accepted in the mainstream. Many hedge funds have been working on the Bitcoin and hopefully, wish to connect them to the trading world. Nick, a manager of an IT support company in Auckland, says “IT companies are also investing on accepting payments in cryptocurrencies in order to understand this technology and how to protect it”.

9. Quantum computing

Our computer uses series of 0 and 1 to communicate. Nowadays computers are very powerful but they still have many challenges. The quantum computers rely on quantum bits to carry the necessary information. This can help the machine to solve serious machine learning problems. It can be used in many models especially in highly accurate predictive models.


These technologies have been revolutionizing our lives. With new advancements, it will further better our lives and better our living conditions.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.