Upload Word Documents to WordPress Posts with Mammoth .docx Converter

If you run a WordPress blog and have multiple editors or allow guest post contributions then you may find it quite cumbersome to copy/paste WordPress documents to the WordPress post editor. The primary pain is when images are added to WordPress documents you simply cannot cut and paste the document content into the WordPress post editor and carry over the images, instead you have to save off those files or use a screen capture/cut tool to scrape those images out of the Word document and put them into the WordPress post editor.

However I recently tested a free WordPress plugin that instantly converts a docx file to WordPress post format by simply uploading the Docx file to WordPress.  The plugin is called Mammoth .docx converter and you can find it for free in the WordPress plugin repository.  To get started all you have to do is download the plugin and install it, then activate it in your WordPress dashboard.

After you activate the Mammoth .docx converter for WordPress you will see a new option in your WordPress post editor called Mammoth docx converter of course.


If for some reason you don’t see it, click on your screen options at the very top of your WordPress post editor and make sure it is checkmarked.  By default it will be at the very bottom of your WordPress post area underneath where all other plugins would attach themselves.

After you select a word doc file to import into WordPress you then will see a preview sample of how the content will look before it is imported into your post editor.


If the format doesn’t look right or you see some glitches you can click on the messages button to see if there are any errors with formatting in the file, this gives you a chance to fix any formatting before importing it into WordPress or you simply can make the minor corrections in WordPress.

You can look at how the raw HTML data will look as well by clicking on the RAW html button.

Overall I found this plugin to be invaluable in that it instantly imports the images into your WordPress post editor and the formatting is generally spot on requiring very little modification.  This makes it much faster to import a guest post or a writers post when they submit it to you in docx format and you want to import a docx article into WordPress.  Time saving is something that really helps when you process as many guest posts as I do as well.

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