Showcasing the WEMAX Dice PRO portable FHD projector!

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Projectors are generally thought of as stationary objects, planted in your favorite room to ensure you have a fantastic home cinema experience waiting for you after a long day at work, but what about those times when having a projector on hand would be an absolute party saver? WEMAX has the answer in the form of the WEMAX DICE PRO, a compact portable projector for use in outdoor entertainment and travel. This piece of tech can make any dull commitment into an enjoyable time with a push of a button, from traveling to family outings, if you want to watch something, WEMAX has you covered.

Of course, a projector can be quite the strange thing to buy without being informed, and all your purchases should be educated ones when they’re at this price point, so instead of taking my word for it let me tell you why the DICE PRO is worth your time. Not just from the portability standpoint but the actual quality of the product itself of course. WEMAX is already a fantastic, and reputable brand but I’d like to educate you on all the lovely features of the DICE PRO, so without further ado, let’s get started.


Running at a quite bright 700 ANSI Lumens and a clear, picture perfect 1080 P FHD (Full High Definition), the DICE PRO uses an advanced DLP lamp to bring stunning FHD entertainment to your nearest projection surface. You can enjoy vibrant entertainment on a giant one hundred-inch screen that looks absolutely fantastic. The 700 ANSI Lumens provides a bright, clear picture in any viewing environment, ensuring you never miss a moment of any movie, show, or game you view on your DICE PRO.

The patented four-point keystone correction system allows you to place your DICE at any angle, and the system will adjust the projected screen up to forty plus degrees both vertically and horizontally giving you a fantastic viewing experience no matter where you’re sitting. This is especially nice as I myself prefer a nice high-backed chair tucked in a safe corner for my entertainment, with maybe a nice cup of tea.

Of course, a good movie is nothing without a soundscape to go with it, and the DICE PRO has that covered as well. Dolby Digital Plus works together with the built-in 2x3w speaker to produce immersive sound with the power to fill any room. Music sounds clearer, movies pull you in better, a quality sound setup can improve any entertainment experience. 

Again, the dice is a truly compact and portable projector, letting you light up any dark event you’re stuck at. Take it on a trip to your relatives, to a party for a movie night, to the office for an office party, the possibilities are absolutely endless and myriad. The DICE PRO really is a versatile tool for anyone on the go wanting to spice up a drab workspace with all kinds of forms of entertainment, bundled into one small, powerful package. It also has quite the battery life, being able to run for as long as two feature films off its rechargeable battery.

One thing I haven’t mentioned here is that the DICE PRO is a smart projector. Powered by Android 9.0 TV, the DICE allows you to download apps directly from Google Play, including but not limited to YouTube, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and many, many more. It also supports wireless casting, allowing your many smart devices to be projected directly to the DICE. This is a huge plus in my book, as I’m a PC gamer and would love to have an easy way for visitors to watch me without leaning over my shoulder the entire time, from the comfort of a nice chair of their own instead.

Final Thoughts

I’ve covered a few projectors in my time writing for Dragonbloggers, but WEMAX is the brand that really sticks with me the most, and the DICE is a quality product with an extremely unique and fun niche that is an absolutely fantastic way to spice up a trip to somewhere I flat out wouldn’t want to go. That on its own makes it worth the price point, not to mention the simple pleasure of making people around you happy, if only for a little while. I hope you’ll consider the DICE PRO, and WEMAX in general for your entertainment needs. Thanks for reading, shop wisely, and have a fantastic rest of your day.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.