What Software Can I Use to Edit Video?

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Video editing is an ever-growing business, and with time it has been made more available to amateur videographers due to the new free software and information that is being shared on the web every day.

There are many software programs available in the market today. But, it is crucial that you think of the kind of features that you must before purchasing any software. Another reason to consider before making a purchase is the video formats that you will be shooting in. This is crucial because not all raw video formats work in all the programs.

Therefore, it is essential to check the programs’ capabilities and compatibility before purchasing them. It is also important to check on the sharing capabilities of each program and make sure that it is capable of multiple sharing options.

What are the Computer Specifications to Look Out for When Choosing the Right Computer?

It is best to have as much RAM as possible. Most computer memory max out at 32GB RAM. Also, use a powerful processor. The most recommended are the Intel Core series (i5 or higher) and AMD FX series, but any processor with a speed of 2.6 gigahertz (GHz) will work for you.

Make sure that you have enough storage on your pc that can store the videos and the software that you are using to edit the videos, (at least 500GB is suitable). You can check on Editing Insider to get more information on computer specifications when deciding which computer to choose for video editing.

Choose the Video Editing Software to use

With the extensive range software programs in the market, you will want to make your decision based on the program that best suits your purposes.

1. Windows Movie Maker (PC)

This free program is updated to the 2018 version, and you can quickly change your photos and videos into polished videos. The advantages of this software are that it is easy to use and it is designed for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

2. Final Cut Pro X (Mac)

Final Cut Pro X is a type of professional level video editing software for Mac Os users. It is not free, but with the free trials, you can be able to access some of the professional features for editing without having to use a complicated interface with too many features that are not much of importance to you.

3. AVID Media Composer (Mac or PC)

Avid media is another type of professional video editing software which offers a free trial but has a complicated interface compared to Final Cut X. It is of much interest if you are more serious about going more in-depth into the video editing career

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is available for both Pc and Mac Os users. It is also an excellent kind of professional software but also offers a free trial. The advantage of using this software is that it is relatively simple to use once you get used to its interface plus it is relatively affordable.  You can also read about more premiere pro resources at Motion Array.

5. Lightworks Free for Mac or PC

Lightworks free is one of the best film-editing software in the market for PC and Mac Os. It maintains high simplicity while at the same time offering top professional-level editing features. It is the one of easiest software to use in video editing.

6. Wondershare Filmora

A very feature rich video editing software for the price that also has a variety of effects packs and a monthly subscription service to get new effects like transitions, overlays and more for various themes like video games, 80’s themes…etc.  The main limitation of Filmora is it only allows 2 separate video tracks or layers to work with, so you have to sometimes produce and re-edit for adding more layers of content.

7. Camtasia Studio 9

Camtasia Studio is professional editing studio used by businesses and entrepreneurs alike to make YouTube videos, web presentations and can import PowerPoint decks turning them into video slide transitions as well that you can edit and easily add narration audio to with a click.

Overall, video editing is an ever-growing business, and with the latest and more advanced software programs in the market, it is much easier for amateur video editors to learn about video editing and grow their skills as well.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.