When Bloggers Have Writers Block

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

When you have been blogging for 10 years like I have for this site you go through periods of time where you get writers blog or “bloggers block” where you just don’t feel like writing about anything.  Even as product and video game reviewers my staff and I can go through periods where we just don’t feel like churning out another review, testing out another product because most of us have full time jobs and the blog is a side project and hobby we do for fun.  When the demands of doing reviews, creating content become high the pressure of the blog banging against the day job plus having time for your family can get to be too much at times.  I have seen many bloggers and entrepreneurs over the years give up or quit because the blogging was killing their personal time, or they couldn’t find a balance or reach the success criteria they were looking for with their blog. The real problem is to find the one that is worth the money they charge you. Pro essay writing service CustomWritings.com is just one of such agencies, so should you use it? Let’s find out and cover all the characteristics and features of this company one by one.

So I often say it’s okay if your blog goes dark for a few days or weeks unless you are a company, it is your personal blog, feel free to do what you want with it.  Alternatives would be to open your site up for guest posting or shop around on the best custom essay writing service sites and purchase guest posts.  These sites can often be used for unethical purposes, like college students who want to cheat and have others write essays for them, but they have very legitimate uses as well.  Often you can get a higher quality blog article and editorial about a topic in an essay like format which works for many blogs and there is no issues if you use it as guest content or ghost content for your site. When it comes to CustomWritings.com, the absolute majority of reviews agree that you have nothing to worry about.

I have used a few services myself for content that mostly churns around the latest news, gadgets, games, but sometimes if I am really hard pressed to write anything or I am just bogged down in work I will just pick out a few products on Amazon, NewEgg or Gearbest and use a service to write a detailed original content piece about the product and use it as a showcase article or filler article.  Reviews take time and we need general content between reviews, this is a blog after all and not a 100% dedicated product review site, though it definitely can feel like that.  I also need to spend time creating the mailing list newsletters, giveaways and to free up that time for other activities I have to source content on occasion.

In Summary, leverage the follow methods to be able to get content for your site in case you suffer from writers block or blogger burnout.

Article Syndication with Source Link

You can find articles and topics on news sites and do full syndication of those articles where permissible with source link, often you only need a sentence or two introducing the article that caught your interest.

Press Releases

Most Press Release articles are cut and paste with some minor updates and image insertion.  However this tends to be an option only for specific niches, but you would be surprised what kind of press releases you can get.  You can sign up for sites like PRNewswire and get PR updates on only the topics and content categories that interest you as well.  Press Releases also have a way of getting you in good with brands, I have more than a few partner brands work with us after doing some free press releases for them as a good faith partnership first.

Writing Services

I tend to find essay writing services cost a little more but you can get much more thorough and detailed articles, these are best for editorial pieces but better to use a guest post author name and not bill it as your own original content because it really isn’t your own.  Blog writing services can vary depending on your budget, but I have been able to turn some quick articles out of some of these services as well on occasion.

Guest Posting

Open your blog to guest posting with a contact page and one that specifically calls out guest posting opportunities, trust me if your blog allows guest posting and you have it listed anywhere it can be indexed by Google Search people will find you and request guest posting.  The key is often you will get generic content so try to ensure they submit content specifically of interest to you and your site and don’t waver, in some cases you may be able to even earn some compensation but this is against Google Terms of Service to accept compensation in exchange for any dofollow links so be warned you can risk your PageRank or getting de-indexed from Google if you are found doing this.

Amazomatic WordPress Plugin


I recently was using Amazomatic WordPress Plugin which if you are an Amazon affiliate will create automatic posts on your site for products on Amazon.  This does 99% of the work for you sourcing in product title, images, affiliate links and full content description even iframing in the reviews for that product.  This will not provide you with any content that will rank well on Google Search because it is duplicate content, but it is a good filler for once in a while and can potentially get you some affiliate sales while showcasing some of your favorite Amazon products.  Again adding an introduction to the post is always a good idea, re-writing the content body is good too for avoiding duplicate content.  I did find the plugin comes with automatic re-writing of some sentences and allows you to create your own custom rules for changing around sentences, but this often leads to difficulty in the article being read or just not appearing like native English speaking writing.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.