Why Should You Consider GMAT Test in 2019?

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Top universities receive numerous applications every year from the students who want to join their MBA programs. This makes the selection process hard and time-consuming. However, these challenging selection issues have been solved by the introduction of some tests. One of the most popular exams is GMAT. In this article, we provide all the details you need to know about this test and what you can do to pass it.

The GMAT exam is a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) that the Graduate Management Admission Council administers. The Graduate Management Admission Test is aimed at assessing skills, such as writing, analytical, verbal, reading and quantitative, in order to help in the selection of students joining graduate management program.


Most graduate business schools worldwide use the GMAT test in selecting the students to join their programs. This is because the exam assesses problem-solving and critical reasoning, which is important in the business world. You can attempt the GMAT test up to five times a year.

Why should you take the GMAT test?

  • The GMAT test helps you choose the best program that fits you.
  • It increases the opportunity to get a scholarship.
  • With a high score in the GMAT test, you can get a place in one of the best business schools.
  • The GMAT exam has the Verbal section, which can help in polishing your communication skills.
  • During the preparation for the GMAT test, you acquire a lot of knowledge that prepares you for the business world.

Why is the GMAT test so popular?

  • The GMAT test has been the most commonly used exam for the MBA admissions for more than 60 years.
  • Most new MBA enrollments consider the GMAT scores.
  • The GMAT exam has made the selection criteria easier.
  • More than 2,300 schools use the GMAT test.
  • 114 countries administer this test.
  • You are given a chance to attempt the test several times if you fail or looking for a higher score.

What does the GMAT test include?

The GMAT test comprises four sections. These are Quantitative, Analytical writing, Verbal and Integrated reasoning parts. Both the Quantitative and Verbal sections are multiple choice and they come in the computer adaptive format. This means if you continuously answer the questions correctly, they become more difficult. On the other hand, if you give incorrect answers, your questions decrease in difficulty.

  • Analytical writing assessment

In this section, you are given an argument that you should analyze within 30 minutes. To come up with a score in this part, an average of two ratings is presented. One is done by a person from the GMAC who reads your essay and gives a score and the other – by a computerized reading evaluation. This section is graded on a scale of 0-6. A zero score shows that your essay was not good; it could have been off-topic. A six-point score shows that it was outstanding.

  • Integrated reasoning

This section is aimed to measure your ability to evaluate data from several sources and in multiple formats. It consists of 12 questions that are in four formats. The time limit is also 30 minutes. The scores in this part are on a scale of 1-8. What you score in this section is not reflected in the GMAT total score.

  • Quantitative

This section will take you a maximum of 62 minutes to answer all 31 questions. It assesses your ability to reason in a quantitative way. It measures whether you have the knowledge of graphic data interpretation. The question topics are mostly algebra, arithmetic and geometry. The questions in this area are of two types: problem-solving questions and data sufficiency. The rules do not allow the use of calculators in this section.

  • Verbal

This section comes with 36 questions that you have to finish within 65 minutes. It has three types of questions that are: sentence correction, comprehension reading and critical reasoning. You are given five answer choices to choose from in each question. The scores in this part are on a scale of 6-51.

What tips can help you prepare for the GMAT test?

  • Know the exam objectives: If you want a high score in the GMAT test, you need to research on what it entails. This will help you understand what to prepare for.
  • Use a study plan: This helps you focus and reduce time wastage.
  • Use the recommended revision materials: With this, you’ll be sure to cover all the necessary exam topics.
  • Make use of practice tests: Taking several practice tests during exam preparation helps you identify your weak areas and increases your confidence.
  • Balance study with leisure: It also advisable that you set some time to relax during the period of exam preparation.

Are the GMAT exam dumps helpful?

Braindumps are very resourceful because they give you a clear picture of what to expect in the actual exam. Through the dumps, you can identify your weak areas and learn how to approach GMAT questions. You can get these exam dumps on the Internet at a low cost or for free.There are some top websites (ExamSnap, PrepAway, ExamCollection), which are recommended by the users.

Final thoughts

Are you still wondering whether to take the GMAT test? This exam is undoubtedly the best one to consider if you are planning to join the MBA program. It is not an easy test but it’s worth your time. With a good score in the GMAT exam, you get a chance to join one of the best business schools.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.