Wii U Won’t Read DVD or BluRay

Sorry folks, those hoping that Nintendo Wii U would function as a fully operational media center device are in for a disappointment.  The Wii U console will not only not be able to play Blu-Ray discs, but it won’t even be able to play DVD’s either.  This is because the Wii U will be using proprietary discs.

The Wii U however will be completely backward compatible with the Nintendo Wii games, Wii Remote, Balance Board, Nunchuck, and more.  It will not be compatible with Gamecube games as the regular Nintendo Wii was however.

Cindy Gordon who is the Nintendo of America’s Vice President of Corporate Affairs talks about the Wii Uand compatibility.

Nintendo never did design consoles to take over the whole media system like Sony did with the PlayStation 3 which no doubt helped spur adoption of Blu-Ray as a standard (also developed by Sony).  Nintendo is about to release the Wii U six years after the Nintendo Wii was released.

Do you think Wii U will have enough features and launch titles to become a hit out of the gate?  Or do you think it will struggle at the start as the Nintendo 3DS did due to a poor launch line-up?

-Dragon Blogger

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