Win a Perixx Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Switches

Perixx makes 3 Mechanical Keyboards that use Cherry MX Switches in the Perixx PX-5200 Model Series and they all are fantastic keyboards, now don’t let the LED colors fool you, each keyboard has specific LED backlit colors that only the Red MX Switch one corresponds to the switch type.

The Perixx PX-5200 Cherry Red MX Switch Keyboard (Red backlit keys)

Red is the gold standard in gaming keyboards featuring the perfect responsiveness with click volume feedback.

The Perixx PX-5200 Cherry Blue MX Switch Keyboard (White backlit keys)

Blue switches have the most responsive click when pressing each keystroke and are the loudest sounding when typing.

The Perixx PX-5200 Cherry Brown MX Switch Keyboard (Blue backlit keys)

The Cherry Brown MX Switches have the softest feel and make the least click noise when typing.

All feature the following specs:

  • Backlit Illuminated Feature
  • 8 Programmable Macro Keys (Minimum 4 command per macro)
  • N-key rollover (PS2 mode) – 12 key Anti-ghosting (USB mode )
  • Windows and desktop lock keys
  • Full size layout keyboard

Iggy did a fantastic review of the Cherry Brown MX Switch version from Perixx and you can read his review here.

Perixx, is offering readers a chance to win one of their Mechanical Gaming Keyboards, and the winner gets to pick which one of the 3 switch types they want.  All you need to do is enter from the form below.
Win a Perixx Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Perixx PX-5200

Which color Switch Keyboard will you want if you win?


Note: Winner will be chosen on 12/21 and they choose the keyboard, keyboard will be sent to them directly but will take approximately 5-7 days to arrive after ordered. 

You can also find the Perixx PX-5200 on NewEgg.

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