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One of the best partnerships I have going on right now is with Cheap Digital Download which is also known as AllKeyShop, I am partnered to do a “wheel game” where every week I get to pick a winner of some awesome prizes which are mostly in the form of a gift card to one of the online game key reseller platforms.  I am able to pick varied prize amounts based on how many people enter and the more people who enter the larger the prizes I am able to select.  You got that right, the more people who enter, the bigger the gift card prizes I can choose, so it literally costs you nothing to enter and the platform rewards me with bigger gift card value options if I get more people to play each week.  I have to use a currency to run each giveaway, and the currency on the platform runs out if I don’t get enough entrants, so as long as I keep getting people to play I can keep rewarding people with gift cards.

The way it works is you just visit our Wheel Game at Cheap Digital Download, which the URL changes each week so you have to use the shortlink http://dragn.tv/cdd specifically, don’t bookmark the link it ends up at as once the giveaway ends that becomes a historical replay of the previous giveaway.  Once you visit the link sign up or sign in with your Twitch account (or create an account) and click the participate button.  You are eligible to enter even if you get a popup asking you to redirect to AllKeyShop or another variation fo their store from another country, you do not have to be in the USA to enter and win, but you cannot use a VPN or Proxy and try to enter, that will disqualify you and they have a very specific anti-cheat system.

So just visit, click and check us out on DragonBloggers Twitch stream on Sunday morning to see if you won.  Usually the winner spun in the 7am Pacific Time hour and between 7:30am Pacific Time and 8:30am Pacific Time.

I have a record of every winner since we started doing the weekly CDD Spin to Win and the winner is drawn live on our Twitch Channel every Sunday morning and you don’t have to be present to win, but you won’t know if you win unless you check our channels like our Discord, Gaming Tribe or Twitch or check your Cheap Digital Download profile weekly.

Here is an example video of a few previous spins and prize winners if you want to see how it looks when a winner is chosen

So Enter the CDD and Bookmark http://dragn.tv/cdd and edit the bookmark to make sure it points to http://dragn.tv/cdd every time.

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