Windows 7 Ultimate Tips

There are several exciting keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft’s Windows 7 Ultimate that many computers users are not aware of. Learning just a few of them can make your online experience much faster and simpler.

Windows Magnifier

For example, Win key + spacebar shows you the Windows 7 Ultimate desktop via Aero Peek, making open windows transparent and allowing you to see it without closing or minimizing them, Win + Up maximizes the current window you’re currently working with, Win + Down minimizes it, Win + Right/Left moves it right or left, Win + + opens up the Windows magnifier and zooms in and Win + – out. Ctrl + Shift + Click opens all your programs from both the taskbar and Start menu.

Windows 7 Mobile Gadgets

In Windows 7 Ultimate, instead of them being confined to the sidebar on the right side of your computer screen, gadgets are completely mobile across the desktop. In addition, the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop has a “jump list” giving you easy access to your programs, ranked by most recent use. For example, if you have carried out a number of searches using Google, right clicking the icon will display the most recent ones.

Windows 7 Pin Items

One of the most useful aspects of Windows 7 is that it allows you to select any program or item and “pin” it by right clicking it and choosing “Pin to Taskbar”. This makes it a lot quicker to open that program or item when you next want to use it. Programs and items that have been “pinned” are also included on “jump lists” on the taskbar at the bottom of the taskbar.

As you can see, the launch of Windows 7 in general and Windows 7 Ultimate in particular represents a major breakthrough in adaptable, mobile and user-friendly web-operating systems. This mobility is especially true when it comes to the system tray where you can move all the icons around until they are just where you want them.

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