Enter to Win a Fanttik EVO 300 Power Station

We at DragonBlogger have teamed up with Fanttik to bring you another awesome giveaway and this time it is for their EVO 300 Portable Power Station. Everyone can benefit from having some extra power whether it is for emergency power outages during winter storms or for camping trips or simply to help have back up power on the go.

The Fanttik EVO 300 Portable Power Station is a great way to ensure that you have backup power when you need it. With a large capacity and multiple outputs, it can handle everything from phones and laptops to home appliances. And with the included solar panel, you can even recharge it using clean, sustainable energy.

On the large 7” LCD large screen the Fanttik EVO 300 shows you current battery level, input & output power, remaining time of use, remaining charging time, environmental conditions, and more. The EVO 300 has 9 AC & DC outputs built in and is able to support multiple devices and multiple scenarios at the same time. So you can provide power to everything from mini fridges to desk lamps to laptops. This Fanttik Power Station can be recharged by a 90W wall outlet and USB-C PD60W simultaneously, and it takes only 2 hours to reach 80%.


With two AC outlets, the EVO 300 can provide up to professional 300W pure sine wave power and 600W surge power, offering a sufficient and stable power supply for camping, hunting, or emergencies. You can power 90% of essential home appliances and devices rated under 300W.

You can also combine it with a solar panel so that you can use it 100% remote and charge it back up outside too.

Enter to Win FANTTIK EVO 300 Power Station

Enter to win the Fanttik EVO 300 Portable Power Station
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