Wondershare Filmora for Video Editing and Making Movies

Iggy from our team showcased an extremely detailed and thorough review of Filmora from Wondershare and I am not trying to duplicate that review but focus more on some effects bundles and packs that are consistently released every month and are a separate and additional service that you can purchase with FilmoraFilmora is professional grade video editing software that comes at a price for budget conscious people.  You get a very impressive array of features that can in some ways equal rival software that costs 3-5x as much and you can get access to thousands of effects, overlays, sound bites and more as part of their subscription but they are also always giving away effects packs randomly through giveaways on the Wondershare Filmora fanpage as well.

First the effects packs can be a monthly or yearly subscription and you do indeed get hundreds of various effects with that subscription with more every month.  I have 113 effects over the months I have been using the product and I don’t even have the subscription I just win them and download them when they giveaway free bundles and have amassed that many so far.

These effects can be everything from overlays that run an animation on top of your video adding a cool effect, particularly cool if you want to do entertainment editing and Iggy made great use of some of those effects in his videos showcasing what you can do.

They have the gamers pack which includes various 8 bit effects, icons, logos, graphics and even video game sound bites that you can add to videos as well.

Applying effects is simple, you just slide over to the effects tab and double click to view a sample of what the effect will look like on your video.  Click on the + button or simply drag the effect on top of your video to apply it.  It shows up in a separate timeline under and parallel to your video where you inserted it.

You can get your Michael Bay on and go crazy with lens flares if you want too!

Old found footage effects will show spots, weathering, damage while the video rolls making it look like you found dirty, old and damaged celluloid film.

And of course you can add 80’s effects similar to the ones you see in the latest retro trailers and things like the Thor Ragnorak intro, from laser grids, to disco lights and more.

Here is a video showing off the Wormhole transitions and some other effects with Filmora.


You can get Filmora for PC Windows or Mac and it supports English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and more.

Also you can check out the Filmora Effects Pack if you already have Filmora.


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