A Shortened Guide to WoW ESports Betting

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World of Warcraft has evolved over the years from a simple game enjoyed by millions of fantasy lovers into a complex performance that requires a considerable amount of time investment from even the most casual players. Simply seeing end game content is a guaranteed time investment, much less getting the best possible gear. Like sports betting in New Jersey, betting on World of Warcraft can be an extremely lucrative hobby, assuming you learn the meta, and understand the mechanics currently accepted as the meta, though betting itself is considerably more complex. I’m Opal, and this is my guide to betting on World of Warcraft.

Regardless of whether you enjoy the PVP aspect of World of Warcraft, or the PVE, betting on the game has something for everyone. From arena tournaments to professional mythic raiding, the game’s content is truly far more complex than its humble start would’ve possibly ever conveyed. The Arena World Championship is Blizzards largest event, and rather than deal with franchised teams, it allows anyone to take a shot at the grand prize. Due to the popularity of the tournament, it’s been split into two seasons for shadowlands, certainly an exciting change of pace for arena fans and competitors alike.

While both North America and Europe have stakes in the AWC, North America has a larger cut of the pie, with its top teams being cloud9, Spacestation Gaming, Golden Guardians, and M2KC. cloud9 spent quite some time on top with a devastatingly powerful mage, warlock, and healer composition before M2KC finally managed to knock them off the board. The top European teams are Wildcard Gaming, Method Black, Diabolus and nLite. More specifically, Wildcard Gaming and Method Black dominated the region for a long and storied period before things finally came to a head, with Wildcard Gaming coming out 4-1 and claiming the title as region champions.

PVE is a growing section of the World of Warcraft gambling scene, with many bookkeepers starting to offer stakes in mythic dungeon runs, as well as mythic raiding. The Mythic Dungeon International allows all rule-abiding players to take part in the open qualifiers to prove they’re capable of running mythic plus dungeons with the best of them, and is a popular PVE betting scene. The tournament starts off with a battle for dominance, with the best players progressing to the tournament realm, where they compete for points weekly. Each season is formatted with four cups that are up for grabs, once the four cups have been played through, the tournaments winners move on to the Global Finals. The MDI is a fan favorite, garnering spectators worldwide, and is a blossoming gambling community with many bookies starting to offer options for betting on this particular event.

Lets get into the types of bets you can place, though let me preface this by saying that the more you know about world of Warcraft, the more intricate the bets you can place, and the more fun you can have. The variety of bets you can place is almost as complex and intricate as the game itself, with everything from handicaps to prop bets. Moneylines are generally the most straightforward way to bet, and involve placing a bet on what team you think will win between two in a series, with no need to specify the number of matches you think they’ll win, how, or anything else. Simply

figure out which team you think’ll dominate the other, place your bet, and sit back and watch what you’ve chosen. Raider.io is also an excellent tool for tracking team performance over a series, and is quite useful for choosing your horse, if you don’t mind me cracking wise a bit.

Handicaps are another type of bet, and they allow you to take a crack at betting on the underdog while still maintaining a thin safety net for your wager. This particular bet is presented in a points system, and allows you to take points from the fan favorite, and give them to the underdog. In both the Arena World Championships and the Mythic Dungeon International, the matches are generally best out of three, and presented with a +1.5 or -1.5 spread. If you bet on the +1.5 spread, you’re indicating that you believe that the series will go 2-1, or that the underdog will win outright. If you bet on the -1.5 spread, you’re stating your belief that the favorite will lose by two games.

Outrights, and or futures, are simple, straightforward bets on who’ll win an entire event, with the only exception being the MDI where you’ll be betting on what team can complete a specific dungeon first. This particular betting structure can be tricky, due to the AWC and MDI being structured as open qualifiers, you’ll often find new teams competing against seasoned veterans, and be unsure of their playstyle, or how they’ll react when put up against teams such as cloud9, or wildcard gaming.

Bets on World of Warcraft are presented very similarly to traditional sports, in either a fractional, decimal, or Moneyline odd. Some tips I can offer from personal experience are to play smart and know when to cut your losses, study the meta of the game deeply, the more knowledge you have the more accurate you can be in your predictions, an educated guess beats a blind one any day of the week in anything, find you a reputable bookmaker, and generally be self aware. Understanding your level of knowledge of the game plays into the game itself, as well as betting on it. Ensure you know tournament formats, look into team statistics, and generally behave as if you were betting on something much more standard, such as the Superbowl. If you can stick to these guidelines, you’ll have a good time betting on World of Warcraft, and might even learn to develop a love for the game itself, as I have over the years. Always look into the reputation of a bookmaker, find out what licenses they hold, the founding date, and make sure to read up on reviews from a legitimate website that offers reviews for their site. I’ve been Opal with Dragonbloggers, and stay safe out there.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.