End of CES 2013: Table PC’s, Android Gaming Devices, 4K TV’s and more

The end of CES 2013 has come and this year’s trends show that manufacturers are being far more experimental and in my opinion releasing new ideas that are trying to change how we interact with our entertainment in a way to grab the kind of innovation and luck that Apple did when it first released the iPad and the world realized there was a need for tablets to supplement and eventually replace netbooks and in many cases laptops.

One thing I am surprised is how many gaming devices were actually featured and showcased at CES 2013 this year.  With many saying the gaming industry is struggling compared to previous years overall in revenue, there is a lot of focus on android gaming consoles and mobile gaming devices that are full Windows 8 devices.  These include devices like NVidia’s Project Shield which will also have the ability to stream and play games from your PC to the device if you have a GTX graphics card to the Razer Edge which is like a tablet with a controller on either side of it.

Of course so many OLED and 4K TV’s were displayed and though these will eventually be the future of HD television, their pricing will probably keep them out of the majority of homes until at least another 2 years.

The Lenovo Horizon was an interesting featured all in one PC devices, basically being a 27″ TV horizontal that included 10 point multi touch and allowed for 4 people to gather around and game together with physical joysticks and more that can interact with the screen.

Of course I am just touching on some of the specific technologies that were covered here on DragonBlogger in the previous week, but what did you think about the Samsung Flexible Phone prototype with an unbreakable screen?

Gaming will continue to gain ground and become more mainstream and while I don’t think the Xbox 360 is likely to be supplanted or hurt by the Android gaming console and more niche gaming devices being revealed I do think that the more options that exist and the more companies keep testing out new products, designs and implementations we may see faster advancement of what the next gaming technology will look like.  One review I read of the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset gave it glowing reviews saying this could finally change the way gaming is done and it does VR right for example.

What was your favorite showcased items if any at CES 2013 and what technology do you want to see most change or add to your life?

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