Gaming Chair Comparison – Which is the Best Gaming Chair?

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Gaming Chair Comparison


You might get jealous seeing your friends and people online getting all these fancy gaming chairs but still you might be a little clueless on which to get.  There are so many options and it’s not like they are a few dollars, usually they are in the hundreds.  In this article, we will go over 3 popular chairs but it won’t be like other comparisons, where the chairs are either looked at online and compared or used for a few days and compared, these are comparisons with 3 different gaming chairs I have had the pleasure of personally using for a few months, to over a year, real world use.

The 3 gaming chairs I will be going over are the E-Win Hero Series HR-BC3D, Cougar Armor Gaming Chair and finally the AuAg Ergonomic Gaming Chair.  The E-Win I have had since June 2018, the Cougar Armor Gaming since January 2017 and the AuAg since August 2018.  These are chairs I use daily as well as do my kids, so they get their fare share of use and abuse.  Let’s go over their features, benefits and ultimately their flaws.  This might help steer you to what you want, and if you don’t particularly want one of these models but are looking for the perfect gaming chair for you, do check the internet, you can find gaming chairs online.

  • How low can you go?

On the height, I will first be comparing how low the chairs drop down to and how high they raise up to.  The AuAg drops to its lowest at 14 inches and its highest at 18 inches.  Coming up higher, the E-win lowest level is 17 inches while its highest is a whopping 21 inches.  The Cougar drops down to 14.5 and raises up to 17.5.  I stated the incorrect measurements in the video I will link up a little later in this article, but I corrected it in the comments and of course in this review.

The height to me is important because I like chairs low to the ground and oddly enough, having my elbows high up on the table, it’s a quirk.  The lowest chair here is the AuAg, runner up is the Cougar and in last is the E-Win.

Conversely, some people like having chairs come up higher, and here the E-Win tops out at 21 inches.  Next up is the AuAg and finally the Cougar.

Being a short guy of only 5 feet and 6 inches… I like being close to the ground and so my pick on this one is the AuAg, but don’t just stop reading here, I will be going over a lot of features in these chairs and stating my findings for each category.

  • How much do you weigh?

While I am a short guy, I am overweight coming in at 260 pounds so how much a chair can hold is pretty important to me.

Coming in at the bottom, the Cougar states to only support 265 pounds but it in no way felt flimsy to me, it held me perfectly.  Many times, while gaming or writing, my kids will want to sit on my lap and chat, and they can add anywhere up to 100 pounds to my 260 pounds and this chair did not buckle.

In 2nd, the E-Win racing chair, like the Cougar held all of my weight but is advertised to take much more than I weigh, up to 330 pounds.  Like the Cougar, I have had my kids on my lap and have not felt like the chair was going to break.

At the top of the chart is the AuAg, so it states that it supports up to 350 but me, coming almost 100 pounds less that this I felt like the chair was very flimsy.  I felt very uncertain moving around too much in this chair and cannot agree what so ever to its stated weight.

My pick for weight and sturdiness of chairs, is the E-Win.

  • How far back?

Some like to be on the edge, while others prefer to just relax and sit back.  Here I am referring to how far back you can sit in the chair, how long the chair is from where your knees bend till the point your back meets the chair.

Dead last, the Cougar will only support 19 inches, the AuAg and E-Win tie for 20 inches.

This can be important for taller people and can be a horrible thing for shorter people but the AuAg and E-Win at 20 inches, it is just right for me, literally perfect.

AuAg and E-Win tie in this category.

  • Do you need some space?

Sometimes you need a little more space in a chair to feel comfortable.  Call it man spreading or sitting and relaxing, you need some room and that’s what we will be going over here.  This part actually ties in pretty well with how far back you are in a chair.

The AuAg starts us off on the low side at 20.8.  Its not a bad fit but it is the smallest fit.  This along with the fact that the chair is 20 inches deep can play an important role in how comfortable you are in your chair.

The E-Win is the runner up here, coming in at 21.3 inches.  A bit wider than the AuAg which comes in handy, being that the E-Win and AuAg have both the same depth in how far you can sit back.

The Cougar tops the charts here at a whopping 23 inches.  You have plenty of space here to sit back (not too far back though since you can only sit back 19 inches) and relax.

Cougar wins this one, but there is a little give and take here because of the depth.

  • How tall are you?

Being that I am short, I rarely hit my head on thing but being that it is somewhat of an average height, taller people get shorted many times on comfort.  Here we will go over back height of the chairs.

This one is hard to gauge being that with the backrest, the upper portion of your back will not hit the back of the chair.  Also, this factors in with the depth and the width of the chair.  We will need to factor in a few things here, but I will keep that comparison till the end, here only speaking of the height of the back of the chair.

The AuAg, has an impressive back height of 37 inches, E-Win falling slightly behind at 36.6 and Cougar dead last at 33.07 inches.

  • She’s pretty thick!

No mater how careful we are, at some point something will happen to the material of the chair in which we will test just how sturdy and thick it is.  Here we will go over the thickness of the material.

Cougar here takes the lead at 3.54 inches and AuAg and E-Win tying at 3.5 inches.  There’s a little more to the quality here than just the thickness though and I will leave the ending comparing in this section, till we discuss that quality.

With the Cougar, I have had it the longest and it has become my sons primary chair and being that he is a kid and somewhat reckless, there is a gash in the material, not a tear, just worn.  Which fits in just right to the next section.

  • It’s made out of what?

Aside from the thickness, we have to take into account what is thick, by that I mean is PU or PVC leather more durable.  The AuAg and E-Win come lined with PU leather while the Cougar comes lined with PVC leather.  They are very similar, but there are some differences that need to be noted.

PVC (Polyvinyl-chloride) allows for a larger variety of colors, texture and fares better against UV Stability.  It is inherently flame resistant and is usually less expensive to produce.  PVC is impervious to moisture as well, and with that does not fare as well after longer hours of gaming and sweat.  It does not fare well, not for the seat itself, but more for comfort.  This is down to the material though, as I did not have issues with it.

PU (Polyurethane) leather on the other hand looks more similar to leather and is much more breathable than PVC.  This will help after hours of gaming and not sweating so much.  Its rubbery characteristics allow for better stretching and performance in lower temperatures, preventing cracking but does not do well under higher temperatures, though chances are you will not hit this temperature,… unless the chair has a heater blowing directly on it or is on fire, then you have other issues.  PU leather is much lower in price compared to PVC.

With either material, both being synthetic, no animals were harmed in making them.

Now, lining up with that and the thickness, the Cougar was 3.54 inches. While it is the thickest of the bunch, it is not as durable being that it is PVC and not breathable.  This was the one my son tore managed to crack a bit.

E-Win and AuAg come in better here, though the E-Win comes in at a higher cost than the AuAg, so I will have to lean in favor of AuAg.

  • Lean back

Apparently, some people don’t just sit up an sleep in their chairs, they recline them too and sleep.  Here we will go over how far these chairs can recline.  Sorry, I don’t feel comfortable doing either, but that’s just me.

Coming in at the top, the Cougar Gaming can recline up to 180° and it is so steady that I can lie down comfortably.  The AuAg comes in at 2nd at 170°, but it is too flimsy for me to feel comfortable leaning back so far.  The E-Win comes last at 155° and if I put all my weight back at that 155° I will fall flat.

For leaning back, I will have to put Cougar up at the top.

  • Don’t break your neck

It’s not a new thing for these chairs to have neck rest but one thing you may have never though of is what you can do and how much you can move the neck rests.

The Cougar and AuAg have neck rests that strap onto the cut out on the head rest, so the position is some what static.  While the neck rest can be removed, it adjust from its spot.  The E-Win, can slide up and down as it is strapped onto the same strap that the lower lumbar pillow is held on top so it can slide all the way to the bottom and the top of the seat.  It can also be removed but if you remove the lower lumber pillow, you remove the neck rest pillow as well, unless you move the lumber pillow to the rear of the seat.

For this one, I would have to say the E-Win wins.

  • Lower Lumbar Support

The lower lumber pillow on the Cougar and AuAg have smaller pillows that strap around the chair fixating them into one position.  This does not allow for the pillows to be adjusted that much, but at least they can be removed.  The E-Win has a strap that straps onto the chair from the bottom of the chair to the top of the chair and the neck rest attaches to the same strap.  This allows both pillows to be adjusted up or down individually, but if you remove the lower lumbar pillow, you will need to remove the neck rest as well, unless of course you move the lumbar pillow to the rear of the chair.  The E-Win also has the thickest pillow to conform to your back.  The firmest of the 3 pillows is on the Cougar.

I chose the E-Win on this one.

  • Where will your arms rest tonight?

Arm rests are generally forgotten until you get home with the chair and then you have to deal with it… I hope to help you here.

The Cougar, has the widest range of movement but mostly wasted in my opinion.  The arm rests move up and down and at the lowest is 11.5 and the highest 15 inches.  So you get 3.5 inches in slack there.  With its 4D movement however, you also are able to move the rest forward and back 2 inches and/or able to twist out or inward the arm rests as well by 2 inches.

Sliding the armrest forward, back, inward and outward to me is slightly useless, I do like on this chair and most other chairs that it can slide up or down however.

The E-Win, allows you to lower the armrest to its lowest 11.5 inches and raise it to 14 inches, so you get 3 inches of slack there.  There are no gimmicks on this one though, no 4d armrest, only up or down.  The 4D armrest is a gimmick to me, though you may like it.

Last on the list is the AuAg, you are stuck at its 14 inches from the base of the chair and it cannot be moved at all.

Gimmick aside, being that the Cougar allows you to lower the armrest lower than the others and raise it higher than the others, not to mention it throws in a few other moves, I will have to award Cougar the choice for this award.

  • It cost how much?

Now talking about quality and all, some people will throw all that aside for pricing, but you have to think about it for a bit.  Do you want to pay less for a chair, but have to fix it multiple times or buy another one very soon afterwards?  Or, would you prefer to buy a more expensive chair and only have to pay once for it and have it for a few years?  Well, I will let you decide by providing you the prices, aside from the information I have already provided as well as give you my opinion.

Please remember, I am stating it is my opinion and not fact and also, it is not your opinion, that’s up to you to decide.  Don’t stop when you see the prices, I will have more under.

AuAg Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style:

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Cougar Armor Gaming Chair:

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$249: On Champ Chairs:

$279: On Amazon:

E-Win Hero HR-BC3D:

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$359: On

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  • How do they stack?

You know, I don’t always follow the saying, “You get what you pay for”, but in this case it works out true and let’s go over that.

AuAg Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style:

The AuAg is a decent chair, but it feels very cheap and flimsy, I would not pay over $100 for this and expect to buy a replacement very soon.  This actually would be a good tweener chair though, you bought one chair and it was great but it broke and you are saving up money to buy a new chair, but don’t want to sit on a milk crate, you buy this in the meantime.  The AuAg is a cheap gaming chair.

Cougar Armor Gaming Chair:

The Cougar Armor Gaming chair was a great chair, and actually my first gaming chair.  I love this chair and to me there was nothing better, for what you get for the price, you get a decent chair.  Problem is, over time it feels like the cushions have grown flat.  Mind you, if you are slimmer than I am, they may last you longer but its a good point in reference.

I have had this chair for almost 2 years and it has done me well, but it was time to move on, if I did not receive the E-Win Hero however, I honestly would not have thought about replacing it.

E-Win Hero HR-BC3D:

The E-Win Hero HR-BC3D came in at a great time and I wanted a comparison to the Cougar.  I completely expected thinking I was going to hate this chair, but actually it won me over.

The Hero is about $120 more expensive than the Cougar, but so far has stood the test of time.  The cushions are still very stiff and cushy, not sure if they have retained their cushiness from when I initially received it, but still feel great compared to the Cougar.  I am a cheap bastard and I have said since day one, I see no reason why anyone would be so much money for any PC gaming chairs until I found this.

The Cougar was my intro into the luxury of a gaming chairs, its like buying a Honda after owing a Yugo.  The Yugo being an Office chair (AuAg) and the Honda being a decent gaming chair (Cougar).  Now you have a Honda and you think, nothing can get better than this, but you get a huge raise and you buy a Lexus…. Now it’s the tops, you’ve made it,… you now own an E-Win… I mean a Lexus, but you get what I mean.

E-Win and Cougar pretty much tie above in features but after owning the 3 for so long, I would say the E-Win is the clear champion.  The AuAg, well, it’s there but it is more in the category of the tweener chair as it seems to have no longevity.

Actually, I put up a video to help you guys see a little more on what I was going over. Check it out and let me know what you think?

So, after all that you have read, and have seen, what do you guys think?  I would love to hear back from you and hear you opinions.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.