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Testing the CPU involves speed testing but it also involves heat, heat dissipation and power.  For these benchmarks we will be testing using MAXON’s Cinebench and FinalWire’s AIDA64.

With a pass of Cinebench, we can see the Intel Core i7-9700K bests an Intel Xeon X5650.  The Xeon has 12 cores and 24threads and the 9700K has 8 cores and 8 threads, no hyperthreading.  You might ask, then how did Core i7 9700K perform better than a Xeon, simply put speed.

While the Xeon did have more cores and threads, the Core i7 has almost 1 gigahertz on each core more than the Xeon.  It’s like comparing 8 experienced fast employees working on a task vs 24 newer workers on a task.  Both will get the job done, but the experienced workers are faster and can do more than the newer workers because they are faster.

Cinebench measures the CPU performance using the processors processing power to render a photorealistic 3D scene.  As the program runs, you can see each core (physical and hyper-threaded) load individual frames.

During this test, the hottest the CPU reach was 69° on the package and the hottest core was 68°C.  I have below how these looked in HWMonitor.

You can see during these tests, the CPU hit 100% utilization.

This shows just a bit on the cooling power of the custom liquid cooling unit the iBUYPOWER comes packed with, let’s go into a bit deeper using AIDA64 stability test.

I ran AIDA64’s Stability test for 15 minutes stressing the CPU and each of it cores 100%.  You can see on the bottom screen where the yellow line reads CPU utilization at 100% and the green line all the way at the bottom reads 0% that shows CPU Throttling.  CPU Throttling occurs when the CPU reaches its TJunction or Junction Temperature which is 100°C and then slows itself down to protect itself from burning up or melting.  This is not an issue now a days because of it, but not too long-ago CPU’s would burn up if not cooled correctly.

While throttling is a good mechanism to protect the CPU, it slows you down because the cores cannot work at their full potential.  The tests show here that during those 15 minutes the CPU would only reach its highest temperature of 83°C (it shows 81°C, but I watched it and saw the highest spike was 83°C) so it did not come close to throttling under full load.  Keeping your CPU nice and cool is very important and this unit can take care of any work load you throw at it under regular use.

As the CPU heated up, the liquid cooling unit got louder, which is a great thing.  While the system is idle or performing minimal tasks the liquid cooling unit quiets down, the fans slow down a bit as they are not truly needed.  As the temperatures begin to spike, the fans start reving up working to cool the CPU back down to a comfortable temperature.

The liquid cooling unit is decent, but not recommended if you are planning on overclocking this CPU to its limits.  I will get more into the liquid cooling unit and an issue I found later in the review.

The 2 tests performed here are considered synthetic and while it comes close to recreating real-world use, sometimes overly exaggerating real word use, is not real-world use.  So let’s get it to some gameplay and see how the overall system performs and keeps itself cool.

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