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Games, Games, Games, it’s what you do on a gaming PC but really you can do anything on a gaming PC that you could do on another PC, just A LOT FASTER because it’s a powerful PC.  At this point, I got off of the monitor that supported 4K UHD resolutions and started using the Viotek 35″ Curved Gaming Monitor that runs at 144Hz at 2560 x 1080 that is a FreeSync capable monitor but with NVIDIA’s latest driver, now also supported G-Sync.

So let’s start this session off with Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider played great at 2560 x 1080p, as well it should but of course everything was turned up, all the eye candy you could want.  What did you think?

Alright, now that we are done there, let’s check out how the iBUYPOWER Gaming RDY VIG202 takes on Far Cry 5.

Super smooth gameplay there, it was more to show you how it ran with a lot going on within the game.  Like before, everything turned up.  OK, let’s check out Tom Clancy’s WildLands.

Beautiful graphics, sadly these are some of the only times I get to play, when I am reviewing product but it’s fun for those few minutes.  I think I will get into this game soon, but you can see just how well it ran with all of those plants swaying as the wind blows over them.  Blood flying everywhere while the bullets find their resting spots.

With all this performance, you may be asking what exactly is in the system and we will check this out now in the next chapter, Parts breakdown.

Continue: Parts breakdown

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