Review: Lumsing Prophet Bluetooth Speaker

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Good day folks, how’ve you been lately? Well, I’ve had an interesting last few days, especially with my adventures in using the Lumsing Prophet Bluetooth speaker. It’s an interesting little device, but of course, as many things tend to do, it (quite literally) speaks for itself. To see what I mean, feel free to check out this video clip I put together for this review:

As you can see, it’s a pretty neat little device and has a decently-broad set of uses. It boasts a 1500mAh internal rechargeable battery, is powered/charged via Micro-USB (5V) and has 2x 5W drivers (speakers). It features hands-free options for phone calls and has a nifty little clip that rotates out for tablets and smart phones to set on. It even comes with not only the (albeit short) Micro-USB cable for power and charging, but a 3.5mm stereo patch cable for any non-Bluetooth-capable device with a standard headphone jack (such as non-touch iPod models) or even Bluetooth-capable devices that you simply don’t wish to use Bluetooth on (it usually does tend to cause a lot of battery drain, so many folks don’t use it as often as would be ideal).




One down side, being that it does come with the Micro-USB cable for charging, is that it does not come with an actual charger and must be accompanied by either a USB wall charger or a computer, in order to actually charge/power it. Other than that, this speaker jams pretty nicely and if you wish to use it for watching movies, say like on a tablet of some sort, you can do so rather decently. It sure does beat whatever speakers you’re likely used to having built into said tablet or other mobile device, and is conveniently portable to boot. I find the whole design and quality of it very nice for watching movies on my Akaso W100, it’s literally the most perfect setup I can imagine for it. The manual is also fairly easy to read and comprehend, the packaging is a bit conservative (not a bad thing in my opinion), and there’s even this nifty little Power User Program booklet in there as well (really convenient for us gadget users).

The Prophet Bluetooth speaker weighs in at roughly 1lb, and measures at 4 3/4″ wide x 1 3/8″ high (taking into account the rubber feet). The body is constructed of ABS plastic and aluminium, and the speaker drivers are protected by an aesthetically-pleasing fabric mesh. In fact, the overall look of the device is aesthetically-pleasing, almost like an enlarged, futuristic hockey puck (not something I recommend using it as, by the way). It even has a volume adjustment dial, which actually provides a somewhat decent range, along with not only a power on/off switch, but a phone call answer/hang up button in the center, between the speaker drivers (note that this is completely different from the software drivers). This is also the led indicator which denotes the device’s status of operation. Lastly, pairing and using this speaker with your Bluetooth-capable devices couldn’t possibly be any easier, though I do feel I must mention that attempting to use it with Windows is a no-go, as there is one driver that neither Microsoft nor Lumsing have, that’s required in order to use this as a speaker on your PC. It’s seen as 4 different types of devices in Windows, but the driver needed to fully pair it doesn’t exist, rendering it useless for that purpose, via BlueTooth. If you simply just wish to use it as a speaker, just use the 3.5mm jack, plugging the patch cable into the speaker’s jack, then into the PC’s speaker/headphone jack (I might actually get another and use a splitter, so that I have stereo audio, now that I think of it).

All-in-all, this neat little speaker is pretty sweet. Not only is it aesthetically-pleasing, but it’s lightweight, has awesome range and is quite affordable (normally a $49.99 USD price tag, it’s currently on sale at this moment for $24.99 USD). One must also be mindful, however, of balancing the volume well, as when it’s too low the bass is much higher than the treble, and when the volume is too high it’s the polar opposite. I found, through trial-and-error, that the middle is the perfect balance, but the Prophet does have a broad volume range, so you may very well find yourself lowering it a good deal. That’s not a bad thing, being that you can have it on in the middle of your home, and hear it clearly in every room. Also, the range of communication for this speaker is marvelous. I set my tablet in 1 corner of my apartment, near my WiFi router, and managed to get all the way across, in the opposite direction of my apartment, and still had no signal interruption whatsoever. Also, if you paid attention in the video, I left the tablet on my dining room table, then walked out into the stairwell of my apartment with the speaker, getting roughly a good 50-60 feet away before losing signal, and that was with a door, metal rails, stairs, walls, etc. in the way. It was awesome! I’m certain it’ll get even better (though not by a large degree) distance in a clear area, such as outdoors.

Well folks, this concludes my review of the Lumsing Prophet Bluetooth wireless speaker. Feel free to leave any questions or comments in the section below, as your feedback is what helps us to provide these to you and for our sponsors to know what you’re interested in. I’m Ronald DMNKLR Smith, and I want to know what you want to know about. ;)

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.