10 Ways to Maximize the Use of Your Smartphone

Your phone has the processing power and access to hundreds of apps that can put a mainframe from years ago to shame. But the question is, are you making the most out of it? The smartphone is the best thing that ever happened to the telecommunications industry. With hundreds of phone specifications, it can be [...]

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Featuring the Zopo Speed 7 and Zopo Speed 7 Plus

Zopo Speed 7 The Zopo Speed 7 smartphone is fitted with a 5 inch IPS display that provides clarity for the user as they get to enjoy the many apps and games. It has an Octa-core 64bit CPU from Mediatek which allows the phone to process information faster therefore allowing the user to interact with [...]

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Sony Xperia Z Against the Nexus 4

Sony is often not the first company that comes to mind when you are considering Android smart phones, but nobody can argue that the Xperia Z isn't one of the most attractive and full featured Android phones on the market right now.  The Sony Xperia Z oozes Sony style and has the highest pixel density screen [...]

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Samsung Galaxy 4 Available in April?

For those looking to know the answer to the question Is the Samsung Galaxy 4 available you may be happy to know that rumors would seem to indicate April may be the answer to your questions.  The Samsung Galaxy 4 is supposedly rumored that it will have a EXYNOS 5440 quad-core processor according to IBTimes.  [...]

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Best Games for Low End Android Smartphones

Low end Android smartphone users are surely missing some of the fun that high end graphical games contain but only play on more powerful Android devices.  That’s the saddest part even after having an Android phone, when it doesn't have the power to play some of the great games that exist. I know its humiliating [...]