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3 Chrome Extensions for Practicality and Fun

2013-09-26T08:34:31-07:00September 28th, 2013|Categories: Internet, Social Media|Tags: , |

Google’s Chrome Web Browser has now become the most used web browser in the world, by quite a large factor. To that end it’s not surprising that there are so many extensions available for the browser. These extensions appeal to every facet of internet usage, from protecting passwords to managing twitter. The Chrome Web Store [...]

Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions to Enhance Usability

2013-10-19T20:31:54-07:00May 31st, 2013|Categories: Internet, Technology|Tags: , , , , , |

Google Chrome is by far the most popular web browser across the globe. According to recent statistics from W3 Schools, the Google chrome web browser is being used by 52.7% of users.  There are multiple reasons to why it became so much popular. Just to outline few, the Chrome web browser starts up within few [...]

Top 5 Google Chrome Note Taking Extensions

2013-10-28T06:00:40-07:00May 29th, 2013|Categories: Internet, Technology|Tags: , , , , |

Technology has evolved so extensively and you can see the difference by checking out different activities that you were used to doing about 3-4 years ago compared to how you do them today. Do you even remember when was the last time you've used a pen and sheet of paper to take down notes from [...]

5 Top Google Chrome Fitness Extensions

2013-10-19T20:31:52-07:00May 27th, 2013|Categories: Internet, Technology|Tags: , , , , , , |

Fitness-savvy guys and girls, I’m sure that you would have been using plenty of fitness applications on your smartphones. After-all they have been providing real value for the fitness activities you do by keeping track of your daily tasks and some track your food intake as well. But what if you don’t have a smartphone [...]

5 Best Photo Editing Google Chrome Extensions

2013-05-25T11:11:15-07:00May 26th, 2013|Categories: Internet, Technology|Tags: , , , , , |

As you all know, Google Chrome is a very popular Internet browser which is used by millions. One of the main reasons Google rose to the top of the browser market is due to the powerful developer support and simplicity that comes from Chrome Extensions. There are thousands of Google Chrome extensions and many of [...]