Facebook Comments Plugin: 5 Advantages and 5 Disadvantages

As many of you probably know already, Facebook offers a social plugin for developers who wish to integrate their blogs further with their Facebook pages/profiles. The Facebook Comments Plugin is a simple piece of code in either FBML (Facebook Markup Language similar to HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language) or an iframe to be embedded in the source code of the blog. This plugin can be used as the only option for comments or in … Read more

Facebook Statistics: Quantitative Impact of Facebook on People

Facebook.com, being the second most used website worldwide according to Alexa.com (#1 being Google.com), is the largest aggregation of people in a social context. Launched in 2004, Facebook has grown tremendously over 7 years reaching a monetary valuation of over 50 billion USD! While the number of users, pages and pieces of content on Facebook is as static as light, here’s a snapshot from the Facebook Statistics page. 60 Countries in which Facebook is accessed … Read more