The New Tiktech Online Gadget Store

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

So recently we partnered with the online retailer Tiktech which has a relatively small but decent selection of curated gadgets that can be purchased online and you can get better prices on the specific gadgets they offer than the same gadget on Amazon in all cases that I have compared.  They recently revamped their entire online store and implemented a rewards system for registering an account.  The first benefit is that if it is your first time shopping on Tiktech you can get 15% off on first order, this is $15 off a $100 product just for being your first time shopping there.  You also get exclusive perks like:

  • Special discount for every purchase
  • Birthday gifts
  • Extra points for birthday month
  • Fun freebies
  • Exclusive promotions

You can sign up or register for an account using your Facebook, Google or just create an account manually without connecting via a social network identity provider.

One of the first things you should do after signing up is immediately go to the Tiktech Deals Page

Their deals page will list their best Flash Sales and new arrivals, and often you can find 16-30% off products, like the AOSO Smart Robot Cleaner being only $209.99 on sale in the above flash sale at the time this article was written.  If you don’t see anything specific on the flash sales or new arrivals of interest, then click on products at the top and take a look at their categories.

This includes:

We have already reviewed a small number of products that Tiktech has to offer and so far every one we have reviewed has earned high marks.  In particular the Lepow 15.6″ Portable Monitor has been a fantastic second screen for a streamer who needs a 2nd smaller monitor, or if you need a small monitor to use with your Nintendo Switch or your Android or iPhone.  The Lepow 15.6″ monitor was showcased during our Twitch Streams many times and several others in our community are now using them after seeing us demonstrate the usefulness of this monitor which can be powered by USB Type C connection or A/C power.

Read our Lepow 15.6″ Monitor Review

Lepow 15.6″ Portable Monitor Review!

But it isn’t just the monitor, a lesser known router brand known as Rockspace delivered some impressive speeds when Briley did his review of their AC2100 Router too.

Rockspace AC2100 Dual Band Gigabit Router

And we are actively working on reviewing the Hohem 3-Axis iSteady Gimbal which supports mobile phones, action cam’s and specific compact camera models as well.  So while you can get this Gimbal on Amazon for $149 currently

You can get the same Hohem iSteady All in One Gimbal at Tiktech for only $119.99 when you use coupon code 88NSHQ55 at checkout with free shipping!  This is nearly 20% cheaper and includes free shipping without requiring Amazon Prime.

Smart Watches, TWS Earbuds, Humidifiers and even a budget webcam.  There is some interesting items to find and hopefully they curate and add some more unique gadgets to their store as well pretty soon.  Tiktech has warehouses in several geo-locations so most products they offer they can ship to almost any country too.

So check out Tiktech on their Social Media and thank them for partnering with too!


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.