Typing and Noise

I have mentioned quite a few times in this review that the switches are brown and how quiet and soothing they are, even though I am a big fan of the loud clickies.  I was a little amazed when I started using it at just how much I liked it.  I am a gamer and this is PERFECT for gaming, though in a comparison of keyboard switches, the browns are the 2nd best, 2nd only to the red switches but the browns are the most popular for gamers.

So that you have a better idea on how these keys sound then also how good this keyboard might be for tying, check out this video.

Pretty quiet right, and I wish you could only feel how satisfying a key push actually was, it’s like pushing on a piece of firm foam, but very firm.  I tested on www.10fastfingers.com, while not my fastest typing, it was still not horrible.  They keys bounce back very quickly making it much better for typing as well.

Very short section, but I think it was needed.  So now, on to my final thoughts and conclusion.

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Iggy Castillo

Iggy Castillo

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