Why Become a Video Blogger?

When Tia Peterson over at BizChickBlogs asked if Video Blogging was the Key to Success I had to see what the reader’s point of view was and what some commenters thought about how more bloggers are starting to mix YouTube video’s into their blogs or create entire video blogs altogether.

What is Video Blogging?

Video Blogging also known as Vlogging is when a person creates a video recording (usually YouTube) and embeds it into a post on their CMS platform (blog) such as wordpress or blogger. You are providing either all of or part of the information to your readers via a video they have to watch instead of just reading the article you published. Some vbloggers can have nothing but video posts, others will leverage a mix of video, images and written content to capture a wider audience and have better SEO indexing since search engines can’t grab keywords, and information from embedded video alone.

Video Blogging is becoming much more popular and will rapidly become a medium where a higher percentage of bloggers are doing video blogging than not at some point in the future I think.  Not everyone can create a video for every post, but it is definitely a good thing to leverage for several reasons.

Read on to find out what some of the pros and cons are for video blogging and my own recommendations and thoughts on using what is a rapidly growing trend among bloggers.

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Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

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