Maingear Forma R Limited Edition Gaming Chair

Piece by Piece


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As I showed you previously, here are all of the parts

Let’s get into each of those pieces one by one.

First off, we have the instruction.  This is not a little post card or a standard sheet of paper, it is a poster measuring 18 inches in width and 24 inches in length, it’s huge.

Here are the tools included, 2 hex keys, one of which has a Philips head at the end, each are different sizes for the different bolts used here.  Also included are 2 bolts for the side covers and a spare bolt in case you lose one of the bolts on the underside of the chair.

Here are the 2 side covers.  These help to hide the bolts that join the seat of the chair to the back rest.  You would use the black bolts in the previous picture to screw these in, so everything stays nice and hidden.

This is the Multi tilt control unit that also joins the Wheel base to the hydraulic lift cylinder.  The arms you see on each side are what controls the seat height adjustment, ability to rock and the knob in the middle allows you to adjust the rocking tension.

Here is the hydraulic lift cylinder, it is a Class-4 explosion proof piston.

Here is the telescoping cover.

Here are the 5 x Ultra-Quiet Nylon wheels.  I honestly expected them to be rims or sporty wheels of sorts, but that’s OK since most of us will never look at the wheels.

While a small touch, this was the accessories box that contained all of the above listed pieces and the multi tilt control unit inside of the large box itself.  This accessories box, unlike all other chairs I have reviewed that came in plain brown boxes is red with the Maingear logo and clearly says accessories.  It is a small, very small touch but it is worth mentioning since it’s the small things that make you take note to the attention in detail.

This is the very reflective aluminum alloy wheel base.  Very classy the way they accented only one of the 5 extensions with the red strip and the white Maingear branding.

Here is the backrest.  I tilted it here so that you could see the wings on the chair, then also the nuts on the sides.

Here is a straight shot of the backrest.  Along the headrest portion, you can see the Maingear logo embroidering.

A closer shot at the embroidery and then also the texture of the material the chair is made out of.  More on this later in the review.

The back of the chair has the only their logo, rather than their name instead embroidered as well as a red tag along the side.

Here is a closer shot of it so you can see the level of detail.

The red tab is Maingear’s name, that’s a nice touch.  Most companies would not have thought of this being that it already has the name on the wheel base and head rest but it’s just a little extra touch.

Here is the seat base.

Here we find the backrest reclining lever.

Here is the bottom of the seat base.  The Multi tilt control unit screws on to this base.

Here we have the lumbar pillow.  This micro fleece foam lumbar pillow is so soft and cushy and pops right back into its previous shape since it is filled with memory foam.

Here is the head rest, also micro fleece, filled with memory foam and is MUCH more comfortable than the lumbar pillow.  Both pillows to me have a bit of an issue, but we will get into that a bit later in this review.

These gloves, also came in the accessories box but I thought to bring it in at the end of this page, since the next page will be on building the chair itself.  I find it awesome that they want you to take care of your seat while you are building it to not dirty it up.  These are almost a one size fit all, I am sure they don’t fit someone, but they fit me fine.  So on to the next page, Building the Maingear Forma R Limited Edition.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.