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Maingear Forma R Limited Edition Gaming Chair

Features and Use


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As I showed you previously, here is the Maingear FORMA R Limited Edition chair fully built.

The seat and back are made out of a Leatherette synthetic suede, so it is very smooth to the touch and water resistant so it is easy to clean.

A close up view shows you the texture of the seat and how fine and detailed the stitching is.

The headrest pillow, like most other chairs is attached with a strap to the top piece of the back of the chair.

Now this is one of the problems with the chair, but to me, not a huge one.  This strap is not really bound by anything, it can relatively easily come undone when you move your head and then you have to strap it back down.  Many other manufacturers have a groove cut through the chair but to keep the looks 100% they kept it this way.  I thought it may have been an after thought and shared my findings with Maingear, but they assured me that it was not an afterthought and there was careful consideration with all aspects of this chair.

Since I rarely rest my head there, it is not a biggy for me.  Do you rest your head/neck often on your chair?

The lumbar pillow, while still very comfortable, has no straps.  It is kept there by the pressure of your back.  On its own it works, but I move around a lot and found myself having to adjust it often, to the point I removed it.  Like the headrest pillow, I never use them since they push me too far forward in the chair, I have had that issue with all gaming chairs I have reviewed.  I like them for a while, but eventually removed them.

The seat, unlike other gaming chairs does not have the sides of the chair raised up.  I did not mind it too much on the other chairs till I sat on this one.  I like to sit with my legs crossed at times and on the chairs with the sides raised, it would make it either impossible or very uncomfortable, I don’t have that problem with this chair.

You may have noticed that certain parts of this white chair are not just one shade of white.  The inner portions of the chair are a little brighter, depending on the color of your bulbs might look slightly more yellow.  The inside is the synthetic suede part, so the texture is slightly different while the outer portions are Leatherette.

The attention to detail did not stop here though.

The arm rests are known as 4D Armrests and here is what makes them 4D.

This switch allows the armrests to be adjusted to your liking, up or down and anywhere in between.

This button facing towards the person sitting, allows you to pull the armrest inwards or outwards from you.

And this button also facing towards the person sitting allows you to move the armrest forward and backwards.

And this one, has no button but the armrest itself twists outwards or inwards.

Along the right side of the chair, is the lever to recline the backrest.   To use it, like most you would just pull the lever up, arch your back a little and it will recline.  Sit up and lift the lever again to have the backrest stand straight up.

Looking under the chair, we see the 2 adjusting levers and the multi-tilt control adjustment knob as well as the telescoping cover that covers the piston.  The knob loosens or tightens the rocking that can be done on this chair.

The right lever on the multi-tilt control unit allows you to raise or lower the seat when you twist it up.  Take note, most seats have this same feature, but rather than twisting the lever, on other chairs you would just pull the lever up.

The lever on the left side allows you to adjust the tilt of the seat.  Twisting the level upwards loosens the tilt, then you can find your tilt comfort lever and then twist it downwards to lock it in place.  If you leave the lever loose, you are free to rock back and forward.  This has been the very first gaming chair I have used that the rocking actually works.  Remember, if the rocking is too loose, you can adjust it by tightening the knob I showed you earlier.

This is the base of the chair.  Usually they are dull black bases with no flair, but this one comes beautifully chromed along with one special leg of the chair with a nice red racing stripe with the Maingear name on it printed in white.

Here are the Wheels.  While they work and actually slide further that other gaming chairs I have reviewed, I feel like Maingear missed the mark on these.  Not due to quality, they are great but for the fact that they are not racing rims/wheels, something to make them look more sporty, but this is just an opinion.

The back of the seat, looks nice though the strap for the headrest if covering part of the embroidered Maingear logo, not all of it.  Since the headrest pillow can’t be adjusted, it might have been a better marketing move to lower the logo so that the strap does not block it.  Another thing that makes me think the headrest was an afterthought.

Without the headrest, the back is smooth exposing the entire Maingear logo in all of it’s glory.

Here is the embroidery on the back, I showed it once before but I wanted to remind you of it since we were on the back again.

Along the side of the chair, it is lined with a zipper, though no tab to unzip it.

Alright, so we have gone through the unboxing, gone over each of the pieces in the box, built the chair and then gone over all of the aspects of the chair fully built.  Let’s get on to the Final Thoughts and Conclusion.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

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