A Quick Guide to Broadcasting Gameplay

No words can describe the ecstasy of playing your favorite network game on an Xbox, PlayStation or even PC to a gaming enthusiast. The moments of losing your car in a Need for Speed game or getting defeated in Mortal Kombat are as nerve-wracking as any moment in a nail-biting soccer match. The only difference is that you are not on the field, but you are controlling your player from the other end of the … Read more

Twitch Tackles Sexual Conduct with New Guidelines

Twitch, a very popular streaming service mostly known for people that stream themselves playing video games, announced on February 8th that some big changes are coming effective February 19th to their Community Guidelines. Owned by Amazon, Twitch is very well known for providing gamers a place to stream themselves playing games as well as watching some of their favorite streamers play and also has evolved into a place where people can also stream themselves in … Read more

Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Cut the Cord

You can blame it on the studios, or the broadcast networks, or the cable TV providers, or the FCC. And you would be right. They all bear some responsibility for the mess we’re in with the current state of television content delivery. The content is better than ever. We have TV shows that look like movies scripted by great writers.   Arguably, though is whether there is even better content on streaming services. Shows like … Read more

My Thoughts on Amazon Purchasing Twitch for $970 Million.

As of this writing Amazon has purchased Twitch for a reported $970 million in a move that I honestly never saw coming. It was reported back in July that Google was the front runner in buying Twitch which, to be quite honest, made a lot of sense. With YouTube and Twitch combining forces I honestly didn’t know what to expect. However, a lot of Twitch users, myself included, were a bit afraid of  Google buying … Read more

RoverBeats T3 by Etekcity

With the RoverBeats T3 the appearance is good, the sound is good, the buttons do work as advertised. It is compact and easily thrown into a bag or even a purse