Why You Should Become a Full-Time Slots Streamer in 2020

Corona-virus has changed life as we know it in 2020. It has also had the indirect impact of creating a surge in demand for online streaming content. With more time spent indoors, folks are turning to their screens for entertainment. It is not just the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime who are getting new viewers. Even live gaming platforms like Twitch is seeing a surge in demand, with some studies indicating a 25% increase … Read more

Who Are These Streamers Part 6 – Check Out These Streamers

This is my series where I try to help raise awareness for up and coming streamers and give them a space to be discovered.  I don’t only focus on Twitch streamers, and streamers who use Mixer, Facebook, YouTube, DLive or Caffeine are more than welcome to be featured in an upcoming round up.  If you would like to be featured, then by all means just click on the contact us link at the top of … Read more

Streamer Spotlight: Moms Basement Gaming

So in my quest to find and interview other entertainers I recently ran across another streamer group that was modeled very similar to how my own DragonBloggers Twitch channel is a multi-streamer team.  I got to learn about Mom’s Basement Gaming which is an awesome name and how they got started as they were networking in the Facebook streamer groups.  So this wound up being an interview with 2 members of the Mom’s Basement Gaming … Read more

Want to Start Streaming? Here’s What You Need to Have

Creating content and showing people cool and useful things can be great, depending on how informative and friendly you are, you might find yourself getting a lot of attention from viewers. Whether it’s travel guides, reviews, gaming, or general news and opinions. So, if you’re thinking of live streaming and you don’t know what you need for your set up to have a good quality stream, then you’re in luck because we’ve come up with … Read more

As a Streamer How Do You Deal with Toxic Behavior?

One thing that is commonly discussed and dealt with in the world of online streaming is toxic behavior from viewers who join your live stream.  Even some of my own staff have seen an occasional troll popup in our chat from time to time to give the live streamer a hard time, or simply lay down insults and offensive content.  I am not talking about the “get good boomer” jokes or genuine stuff that is … Read more

Who Are These Game and Entertainment Streamers – Part 2

So in my first part of Who Are These Twitch Streamers I specifically called out Twitch streamers but I wanted to expand that out and not exclude any YouTube, Facebook or Mixer streamers from being in the roundup, so the series changes to Who Are These Game and Entertainment Streamers and I am opening it up.  So even though Twitch streamers will make up the majority, I am expanding it to be more inclusive of … Read more

Who Are These Twitch Streamers – Part 1

Hello everyone, while I have a series where I do a Streamer Spotlight and showcase a Twitch Streamer everywhere, I thought I would do another series that just focuses on the newer streamers who are just starting out and have not yet had a chance to get a large audience yet.  So this is going to be my new “Who Are These Twitch Streamers” series and this is Part 1 of the series where I … Read more

An Ultimate Guide for a Faster Streaming

Regardless of what your age may be and regardless of your profession, having faster streaming is always a cool thing. That’s not to mention the perks that come with. However, in achieving that desire some expenses must be made, as it doesn’t come cheap. And so you have to ask yourself, is your internet fast enough for streaming? Well, the truth is, it can never be fast enough, especially when the streaming speed is being … Read more

Digital Library: How Streaming Can Reduce Clutter in Your Home

Working with reduced space in your home or apartment, and wondering how you can ditch all of those loud, whirring boxes underneath your television? Here are some of the ways that digital media is already working to reduce clutter, and how it could work for you. Film and Television Renting is the perfect way to condense your prized DVD collection into the palm of your hand, on an ‘as you need it’ basis. Many of … Read more

Gaming Technology: Why Live Streaming Is Here to Stay

You do not have to be a gamer to enjoy a game. Sitting back and watching someone else play is almost as fun. Actual players might argue that treating games like movies misses the point, but those complaints flounder somewhat, considering the publicity and financial perks this concept has collected in recent years – some of it going to those very players. According to HyperX’s brief history lesson on live streaming, it was around 2010 that the first … Read more

How Twitch Streamers Can Make Passive Income While Gaming

Having been a Twitch Streamer for well over six years now and when it comes to trying to find ways to monetize your Twitch stream there are several options that all Twitch streamers have. Some people think that you have to be a Twitch Affiliate or even a Partner to make money on Twitch. Well, that is simply not true. Even if you are not a partnered or affiliated stream there are ways in which … Read more

Even Twitch Broadcasters Benefit from Digital Marketing

Being a Twitch streamer is one that can, so long as you do it properly, be one that you can reap a lot of benefits from financially. Twitch is a great way to make some extra income as long as you are taking into consideration that you have to do it right and be smart along the way. I myself am a Twitch streamer and there are certain things I must do to make sure … Read more

Streaming PC Build Recommends and More to Help You Stream

When it comes to streaming and having a successful stream you want to make sure that you have a set up that is catered to being able to have a great stream and one that runs smoothly. I am going to provide you with some PC Builds and various other tools that I recommend that you have to have a successful stream such as various keyboards, mice and even different cameras to make sure that … Read more

Top 7 Android Apps for Streaming Movies Free of Cost

Nowadays the amount of time people spent watching movies on television has decreased a lot. People mostly depend on live streaming websites and mobile applications for watching movies and TV series. Now, we all know about popular streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. But there are many among us who look for an application that allows you to watch movies without paying a hefty monthly fee. Here, we shall discuss 7 top Android-based applications … Read more

5 of the Best TV Shows to Binge-Stream in 2019

It is often said that we are living in the golden age of television. Having broken the traditional conventions of scheduled television, it seems that anything goes. Entire series released on a single day, standalone miniseries and budgets to rival Hollywood’s most extravagant films have made sure that there is something for everyone. When most people think of streaming services, Netflix is the name that comes to mind. With over 117 million subscribers worldwide, It … Read more

Choosing a video streaming solution: 2018’s seven best practices

Online consumers like you and I would obviously prefer sharing our thoughts directly to the brand we consume, appreciate if it does well or give a feedback to improve. But, to our discretion, there were not much of options around that gave an opportunity for the online consumer to seamlessly interact with a brand. Or a brand to establish a mode of communication, to receive thoughts on what the audience expect from them, giving a … Read more