ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming K6 Motherboard Review

ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming K6 Overclocking:

When it comes to overclocking on the ASRock Z370 Gaming K6 motherboard, I guess I was expecting too much after looking at all the stock performance benchmark. I was only able to overclock the i5 8600K to 4.7GHz with 1.24 vcore. I wanted to reach 4.8GHz on this board as it was possible on the Aorus board, but that wasn’t possible. I wasn’t able to achieve that spot with the same settings and vcore of 1.32 and then some. But having a stable overclock of 4.7GHz at 1.24vcore seemed more reasonable than a 4.8GHz at 1.32v so we’re still in good standing. But will this affect the performance of the ASRock board when compared to the Aorus board with 100Hz more on the chip? Let’s find out.

So in the Cinebench R15, we saw an increase of 12.13% from the stock settings, and to our surprise, the ASRock board with 100MHz less on the CPU also managed to beat the Aorus board here, even if with 2 more points.

In Blender, we saw a decrease of about 3 seconds in the render time and it’s not too far behind the competitor.

In Geekbench, there a 7.14% performance increase in single and 8.72% increase in multi-core performance. And once again, the board itself on the top of the chart.

With the CPU overclocked to 4.7GHz, we also saw some improvement in the memory speed and the latency.

In the Pi calculation, we saw a decrease of 5 seconds. And this is probably the only workload where the ASRock has seen a defeated by a good margin.

When it comes to WinRAR, there’s a 9.59% performance increase, with a good lead over the competitor.

There’is some performance increase in the Storage benchmarks as well, but nothing too significant.

In Firestrike, there’s a good increase in the physics score compared to the stock speed however, the 100MHz more on the Aorus setup seems to be favoring the Aorus board.

And finally, let’s check how the overclock affected the gaming performance. Starting with GTA V, we did see about 1 FPS increase but the minimum FPS has further decreased to 10. So it would rather be better to run this game on the stock CPU frequency on this motherboard.

And in Bioshock, we saw a good increase in the minimum FPS of the game along with a 1 FPS increase in the average.

Ahmed Kazim

Ahmed Kazim

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