ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming K6 Motherboard Review

ASRock Software:

Now that we’ve established that the ASRock Z370 Gaming K6 motherboard from Fatal1ty series is a solid performer, the software bundled with this motherboard is the only place I find it a little bit lacking.

ASRock is also using a centralized software with all the applications in one place. The software is called App Shop. The applications for the board are very few, and most of them either have an alternative that you might already be using or just might not be interested in. At the home page, you’ll see all the applications the App Shop has. 6 of which are third party software. However, there are three tabs at the top and the middle one might be the one you’ll be interested in.

It shows you if there’s an update for the BIOS or drivers available for the motherboard. So it’s always great to have a one-stop place where you can check all the outdated software and BIOS information.

The other thing that I found interesting about the App Shop was the F-Stream Application. From here, you can adjust various CPU/Memory related settings and also monitor the system status. Also, they’ve included the FAN-Tastic tuning utility into the F-Stream application rather than making a standalone application for that. So it’s a good move in my opinion.

And this the RGB LED customization application. All the RGB customization is done from here. There are a total of 4 RGB zones on this motherboard, including the 4pin RGB LED strip port. And there are only about 6 LED effects available. But you can apply the effects to each zone independently. However, there’s no system information related RGB effect like the temperature of CPU/Memory usage etc. So it can be made better.

Ahmed Kazim

Ahmed Kazim

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