U Watch U8 SmartWatch Review

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Review of the U8 Smartwatch that was provided to us to review by Gearbest who has excellent prices on Android gadgets including smartwatches.

Syllable G700 Allen Iverson Headset

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Every experienced athlete, artist, musician, etc. knows the necessity of being able to concentrate on the task at hand, drowning out the distractions of the local environment and the entire world even more-so. Many of us envelope ourselves in music, as it helps us to be completely closed off from everything else, allowing for complete [...]

Everbuying is a Site for Everybody

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Hello folks around the world, how are you doing today? I hope you're blessed, as I'd wish nothing else for you. Anyway, it's around mid-December, 2014, and people all over the planet are shopping for gifts, whether they celebrate any particular holiday or none at all. I'll be honest, when I do my shopping this [...]

inTroducing the inWatch Z Smart Watch

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Good day folks, and welcome back to Dragonblogger.com! Today, I present you with a special little surprise. This device - again - comes from the fine folks over at Gearbest.com, but unlike my recent presentations, isn't a phablet. It's time to get your 007 on, because we're diving into the wonderful new world of Smart [...]

Promaker X-Pro Tights Tech-Friendly Fashion Review

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Promaker X-Pro Tights Review As many of our regular readers may notice, this review is a little bit different. This is the first time DragonBlogger has done a review for a fashion item, and even we were a little bit surprised at the request. Now that we have done one, though, there is [...]

Nike Introduces Nike+ FuelBand to Measure Sports Your Activity

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It is very important for everybody to keep themselves healthy, which means that not only one should maintain a good diet, but also maintain a regular exercise routine. As far as the statistics say, it is not possible for people to keep track of their daily routine with their day-to-day busy lives and only a [...]

Jawbone Up Fitness band Unveiled: Available Tomorrow!

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Jawbone, one of the leading bluetooth mobile accessory manufacturer, showcased a new product which looked like a colorful wristband a few months ago. Now the company has finally announced the device, called Jawbone UP, which is supposed to be a revolutionary fitness accessory. The UP is an intelligent fitness accessory that connects to your smartphone [...]