Prometheus Review: Ridley Scott brings movie fire to humanity!

  Things I learned watching Prometheus: A very good way to recover from invasive surgery and shock (with a stapled incision) is by running around. Running around a LOT! Relatively young Archaeologists are like the Swiss Army knife of exploration teams. They seem to have a working knowledge about…almost any other science put in front of them. The first explanation that pops into your head about something mysterious usually is right on. I admit, so … Read more

The Avengers Review: Earth’s Mightiest Opening Weekend!

What I learned from Avengers: Why our National deficit is so high and where all the money is going (SHIELD Helicarrier, SHIELD secret weapons, SHIELD secret bases…there is little related to SHIELD in this movie that wouldn’t cost at least a few billion. G. I. Joe wishes they had this kind of operating budget). Bruce Banner’s unique problem can be quantified as a ‘condition’. Shawarma…gotta try it.   Synopsis: (no real spoilers, you get all … Read more

Review of The Hunger Games: The Most Extreme Sport Yet

What I learned from The Hunger Games: In film-making, it is perfectly logical to cut from one of the most touching, heartfelt scenes in a movie to one of the ugliest people in the cast for no specific reason. Wasps cannot feel the branch their hive is on vibrating and shaking from the branch being sawed through…or if they do, they don’t take it as a threat. At least, Tracker-jacker wasps can’t. Whatever role he takes, … Read more

The Smurfs: No doubt the Smurfiest movie of the year!

  Recently saw the CGI animation film titled The Smurfs and there are three things I learned about this movie: Homeless men in bright hats may be wizards in disguise (in New York only) Advertising agents are expected to come up with entirely new campaigns in two days. Gay cowboy film references are perfectly appropriate for a children’s movie. My first question: Where’s Puppy??? Synopsis: After another run-in with nemesis Gargamel the wizard, six Smurfs … Read more