How to Randomize Your Spotify Playlist Tracks

One of my favorite features of the older mp3 player that I loved back in the day was WinAmp, this tool had the ability for you to just randomize your playlist order so that the tracks themselves re-arranged in a random order.  This meant you can play your tracks consecutively without it being a shuffle which is where the track # being played is random and you can’t play your tracks in order, specifically keep … Read more

Upgrading or Replacing Laptop Memory Video Tutorial

Our good friends over at Kingston Technology sent us over some RAM so we could do a video demonstration and show readers how easy it is to upgrade or replace your existing laptop memory.  Say you bought a laptop at a great deal, but it only has 4GB of memory, or you have a much older laptop with less than 4GB of memory you definitely will want to upgrade your RAM if you are running … Read more

Creating Windows Live Mail Signature in Windows 8

Windows 8 Live Mail comes with a default signature that is pretty generic and says something like –Sent from Windows Live like Apple does with “Sent from iPhone”.  It took me a few minutes how to configure a Windows Live mail signature but it was better than leaving the default signature message by far. Most people want a custom signature in Live mail and this little tutorial will show you where to go to set … Read more