Web Hosting with CPanel

How many of my fellow bloggers are with a hosting solution that uses Cpanel, or does your host use another administrative interface and how do you like it?

Auto Submit Blog Feed to Digg

Update 05/05/2011 It would seem that Digg disabled this feature and now you can no longer auto submit articles even though you can add your RSS feed it won’t auto submit them into Digg, below is the original article from when this feature worked for reference only. I found that the new Digg allows you to configure it to read in your blog RSS feed and auto submit all new articles to Digg automatically without … Read more

Chrome TV: Google Chrome Extension

Google Chrome TV extension allows you to watch live streaming television with your Google Chrome browser and includes satellite and local channels from around the world. Watch live TV on Chrome now.

Review of Nielsen’s Homescan Consumer Panels

Like many people out there was looking to leverage surveys and other sites to help generate a side income or at least win some perks and free stuff.  One of the most legitimate enterprises I have found was Nielsen’s Homescan Consumer Panels.  This company will actually mail you a bar code scanner, and all the instructions to participate. Picture of equipment sent to me: So, the idea is simple or so I thought.  You scan … Read more