How to Find and Install Redragon Driver Software

Redragon has many products in their various stores including gaming keyboards, mice headsets, mouse pads, gamepads, keycaps, PC speakers and more.  They not only have a wide variety of products but different product lines appear to be under different organizations within Redragon itself including the fact they have different stores for different geographic regions.  This can make it confusing for people who buy Redragon products on third party stores and various online marketplaces to find where to get Redragon software for their mouse or the Redragon software for their keyboard…etc.

This guide will go into more depth and take you past the video tutorial I created which was how to find Redragon Software from their main sites and I will go into some extra info on how to find their more geo-centric items.  First watch this vid and see if it finds most Redragon product software and manuals.

Now, if that didn’t work and you checked for your Redragon drivers on the following sites:

If you can’t find your model of Redragon product on one of these sites you may have a nice model that is geo-specific, so search Google for your specific model # like “Redragon H991 Software” for example

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Look at all the actual “redragon owned sites” makes for various countries.

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In the above case the Redragon Triton or H991 model you have to go to Redragon Thailand or Brazil Redragon store to find the drivers, this model isn’t in the USA stores or other stores.

For Latin America you can find Redragon software here like for the Redragon H320 Lamia software.

Last but not least if you cannot find the software for your Redragon product or model, open up a support case with Redragon Shop Support and send them a message, you can also try  support from one of their other pages too if you don’t get a timely response.

When you finally find the Redragon software, know that Redragon pretty much uses .rar compression for all their software but you do not need Winrar to extract Redragon Software.  You can use just use free 7-zip software then install it, and after installation of 7-zip just right click and extract the .rar file for Redragon software to a new folder and you can proceed to install Redragon Impact software.

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