Top 10 Domain Registrars That Accept Bitcoin

Online services are counted as the most useful means of cooperation between an organization and customers. Therefore, the demand for a brand new type of money is higher, nowadays, than whenever before. Digital currency, which enabled people all over the world to accomplish purchases, a bitcoin, was brought in on 3rd July 2009. Those who [...]

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What the Near Future of Cryptocurrencies Will Look Like?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other altcoins have entered the limelight of global attention. They show no intention of leaving it just yet and the main question is whether we will talk about their inevitable demise or meteoric success? These wildly different scenarios reflect the inherent volatility as well as the huge transformative potential that cryptocurrencies [...]

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Where can you spend Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is the buzz in the industry, and it continues its adventures being the biggest player. Bitcoin offers amazing and endless advantages as well as opportunities.  Even though bitcoin is trading just under $10k per coin at the time of this article there is still about 175 billion dollars worth of bitcoin in the market [...]

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Top 5 Tips How to Earn Bitcoins

With every passing day, cryptocurrency and the technology behind it are getting more and more popularity. Back in 2011, one could hardly imagine of using Bitcoins for purchasing an item – was only possible in a handful of major cities. Whereas, today towns like Arnhem in Netherland has gone so Bitcoin-friendly that it is often [...]

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Vericoin, A Bitcoin Alternate In The Making

All this hype around Bitcoin and other altcoins and the innovations they are bringing! can't be ignored. There are many coins already and many more coming out each day from various algorithms. Most of them are just copy-paste, some are even scams, some are just worthless, then there are coins who are the real deal! [...]

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