Warframe Makes Its Way To PS4

Warframe has been popular on the Steam Market now for a few months and with popularity comes decisions. One decision taken by Digital Extremes, the maker of Warframe was to port it over to PlayStation 4 as a free to play game for PS4 users. Digital Extremes is a company which is used to making classic games for instance The Darkness 2 and Unreal Tournament. Now however Sony have almost begged the company to port … Read more

Torchlight II Review: Blazing a Trail for RPGs to Come

RPG players rejoice, today we’re covering the massive dungeon crawler by Runic Games Torchlight II.  So many games in the RPG category struggle to reinvent the wheel in hopes of setting the trend but fail miserably.  Rather than join the pack, Runic Games has gone back to the roots of what make the genre so enjoyable in the first place.  This does not mean that you will get more of the same when playing Torchlight … Read more

Torchlight II Early Impressions: Graphics and World

Update: Our review of Torchlight II is now ready for you to peruse at your leisure. Welcome back to our second and final installment of early impressions for Torchlight II.  Last time in Torchlight II Early Impressions: Gameplay and Mechanics I covered the fundamental aspects of how the game runs and handles.  Just for a quick recap, I mentioned how I like the slick and supple operation of the game, the ample loot and quest … Read more

Torchlight II Early Impressions: Gameplay and Mechanics

Update: Our review of Torchlight II is now ready for you to peruse at your leisure. I finally forced myself to stop and share with you my initial thoughts on the gameplay and mechanics of Runic Games’ action RPG Torchlight II.  This is not due to procrastination or lack of enthusiasm to discuss the game, I honestly have been so sucked in that I don’t want to put down the controls.  Below I will highlight … Read more

Some Top Games on the Horizon

I am polling to see what games you want more coverage on, with tips, hints and reviews in the upcoming months on DragonBlogger.com.  It is also to let readers know of some fantastic deals going on right now where you can get budget gaming laptops for the price of a tablet (who would ever buy a tablet instead of one of these laptops, unless you already had a great laptop/PC for gaming and just wanted … Read more

Preparing for Diablo 3

Twenty years have passed since the Prime Evils were finally defeated and driven out of Sanctuary. Now you must return to where this all began starting with Tristram. You’ll investigate the rumors of a fallen star which is the first sign of evil’s rebirth in the land. This is an Omen that end times have begun and things are about to get much worse. In Diablo 3 you can use fire, ice and summon minions to … Read more

Diablo 3 Release Date Teased By Best Buy

…or rather dreamed up by Best Buy.  Over the weekend Twitter users were fervently sharing a picture someone had snapped at a Rochester, Minnesota Best Buy that touted a February 1 release date for the third installment of the Diablo series.  Diablo 3 has been highly anticipated by the fans since the release of the second game back in June 2000.  Their thirst for the saga to be continued was somewhat satiated when Blizzard finally … Read more