The Massive Revenue Growth of eSports [INFOGRAPHIC]

eSports is on track to be a billion dollar revenue industry annually after having 30+% growth year after year, eSports was more commonly associated originally with South Korea and has rapidly been adopted by other countries and the western world over the past few years and will likely be a true contender against traditional sports television at some point though most people prefer to watch e-Sports from a computer at home you can still find … Read more

Comparing Smart Assistants: Google vs Alexa vs Siri

Smart assistants are among the best things that have happened to the smartphones. They have totally given a new definition to the word smart. A smart assistant is like a virtual robot that is available for you and your tasks. You can ask it to do a lot of things. They exist to serve you tirelessly. Currently we have three very popular smart assistants. They are Amazon’s Alexa, Google assistant and Apple Siri. They are … Read more

Relation Between Games and Studies

Contrary to the common perception that games are a waste of time, this infographic explains that games can be very helpful in the educational system. There are different reasons why games are useful for the creativity of the children and for the improvement of the learning process in general. The paramount reason behind the argument that games can help children in learning is that children are familiar with games –  and with technology in general … Read more

How to Improve Wi-Fi Signal and Range

Wi-Fi networks  are often preferred over the traditional LAN network. There are many reasons behind it. Some of the most obvious ones are the convenience, easier installation and comparatively reduced cost as compared to wired networks. But what most people ignore that WiFi is a fragile networking method. Let’s discuss some of its disadvantages. First, we have wifi security. Although there are many encryption methods available, Wi-Fi isn’t even half secured as compared to LAN … Read more

The Ultimate Mobile Email Open Statistics

Email marketing is a standout amongst the most productive channels for businesses to communicate adequately with the customers. Messages have ended up being the best marketing and development procedures of businesses over B2B and B2C enterprises for a very long time. As per, emails helps in customer retention. It conveys 20% more consistency standard when contrasted with the most well known online networking channels. The reviews say that it is highly unlikely a business … Read more

3D Printing Isn’t Just Plastic Anymore

Much of the coverage surrounding 3D printers has kept a decidedly limited scope, focusing on the plastic toys and knick-knacks that basic desktop machines build with ease. There’s so much more to the printing world, though — as of this writing, over a hundred unique materials can be extruded and shaped in incredible ways. Nylon, sand, metal, and recycled plastics are just a few sources of limitless creation. Specialty printers have even figured out how … Read more

The APIs That Secretly Rule Your Life

Now, more than ever before, we are living our lives online! We can’t eat without stopping to Instagram our plate and our every movement is documented via our Facebook status updates. However, what many of us do not realize is that all of these actions will also be stored in a much larger pool of data thanks to Application Program Interface (API). Companies are using APIs on a day to day basis in order to … Read more

SSD Usage Trends in the Enterprise

SSD Drives or (Solid State Disks) are much more common in consumer electronic devices like ultrabooks, high end desktops and more because of their incredible read and write performance.  These SSD drives can help users become more productive by making Windows and applications load faster, cache data faster and can generally improve the performance of any system that does a high number of read and write operations to a disk. SSD drives are however more … Read more

Insane Sci-Fi Inventions in the Real World

Iron man may be science-fiction, but the exoskeleton isn’t. Every day, more and more of science fiction becomes science fact. In the case of the exoskeleton, the XOS 2 suit, designed by Raytheon promises to increase agility, strength, and endurance of the soldier wearing it. It uses high-pressure hydraulics to lift heavy objects without the operator becoming fatigued. It’s not quite on the order of cybernetic implants, but it’s the first step towards an incredible … Read more

The Most Expensive Video Games in History

I was contacted by who makes Infographics for websites and businesses and they wanted to showcase one of their latest Infographics about the Most Expensive Video Games in history.  I found it interesting and wanted to share it with my readers, I knew that GTA V had a budget of over $200 million but stacked up against Hollywood films it is amazing just how much this game cost to produce and release to the … Read more