Windows 7 Tip: Create System Restore Point and Use System Restore

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Windows 7 Modern computers are extremely sensitive to changes in the files and settings that run them, commonly known as the Operating System (for example Windows 7). Even a tiny bug can cause your entire system to crash. Using Anti-virus, Anti-malware and Anti-spyware programs can help you avoid most threats, but what about [...]

Windows 7 Quick Tip: Turn Windows Search Function On or Off

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Windows 7 Do you find the inbuilt search functionality of Windows 7 to be too slow and ineffective? Do you want to turn off Windows Search and Indexing on Windows 7? In this post we shall learn how to quickly turn off or turn on Windows Search function, in addition to looking at [...]

Windows 7 Quick Tip: Modify Save Export Theme

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Windows 7 comes along with some amazing Aero themes built into it. However, if you wish to personalize any of the themes all you need to do is follow some simple steps to add desktop backgrounds, screensavers, transition between images, window opacity etc. Windows 7 also enables you to easily save the customized themes and [...]

Windows 7 Quick Tip: Show Hide Recent Items Recent Programs

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Windows 7 Do you use the same programs on Windows 7 regularly? Do you regularly access the same files like songs, images and Ebooks? If you do, the recently used programs and recent files must be very useful in saving time and effort. If however you don't access the files and programs regularly [...]

Windows 7 Tip: Enable or Disable Windows Firewall Defender Updates

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Windows 7 Windows 7 comes with several inbuilt security features like Windows Firewall and Windows Defender. While these are good for a computer used in a secure network, typically we do sometimes use unsecured public networks at places like cafes, airports, libraries, schools, colleges etc. Even if no one in the network intentionally [...]

Windows 7 Tip: Change Computer Name User Account Name

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Have you been wanting to change your User Account name of Windows 7? How about changing your Computer's name to something more trendy than UserName-PC? On Windows 7, you can change the Computer Name and User Name for all accounts very easily even months or years after you install it. Knowing how to change these [...]

Windows 7 Quick Tip: Hide and Show Hidden Files and Folders

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Windows 7 Is your Windows 7 computer regularly used by other people? In that case you might want to learn how you can quickly and easily hide specific files and folders and how to show the hidden files and folders on Windows 7. Typically, when you download a webpage a folder is created [...]

Windows 7 Quick Tip: Enable or Disable Wi-Fi and LAN Adapters

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Windows 7 On a Windows 7 computer with LAN and WiFi capabilities, Windows automatically searches for networks available for connection as soon as it boots up. In case you don’t use WiFi, LAN or either type of network regularly, it would be better to disable the adapters completely. This would speed up Windows [...]

Windows 7 Tips: Select Show Hide Desktop Icons

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Windows 7 Did you know that you can show/hide the desktop icons and gadgets directly from the right-click menu on desktop? How do you select the system icons like Computer, Control Panel, Recycle Bin and Network displayed on the desktop? Since I generally use my own photographs as desktop backgrounds most of the [...]

Windows 7 Tip: Select Start Up Programs Using MSConfig.exe

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Windows 7 Do you frequently install and uninstall programs on your Windows 7 installed computer? How many of those programs slow down your system start-up by getting executed as soon as you log on to Windows? How many of those programs do you actually use on a daily basis? Starting up Windows 7 [...]

Windows 7 Tips: Select Default Boot OS and Boot Menu Timeout

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  Windows 7 Do you have multiple installations of Windows 7 on your computer? Do you have to select the old installation most of the time before timeout? In this post we shall learn how to quickly change the default Windows 7 Operating System installation to boot when there are multiple instances on [...]