How to Use Task Manager in Windows 8

No matter how advanced the operating system there is one thing that has always looked similar for Windows Operating Systems and that is the task manager. Currently it is just a dull grey box which is confusing to read for a user. As computers become more advanced and having more software at our disposal it has become increasingly more common for users to tackle the windows task manager for themselves. In order to make the … Read more

Ubuntu Tip for Establishing Permanent Mount Points for Windows Partitions

When using the Ubuntu operation system to mount Windows partitions, it mounts the windows partitions on your computer automatically but it assigns a different path to the the disks every time they are remounted. This is particularly irritating because it breaks my wallpaper and music libraries in Ubuntu. Establishing a permanent mount point is possible by using /etc/fstab, which is a configuration file used by mount command. Steps to Setup a Permanent Mount Point To establish a … Read more