How to Recover Deleted files in Windows

Deleted a file permanently? Deleted a file from a removable media? And realized that you really need it back. This has happened with all of us, and with me an awful number of times! Luckily I have recovered (almost) all of my files, and today I will explain you when and how you can get your files back. Do check out the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard review! It does the job pretty well as well! … Read more

Rust Insight #1 – The Basics Of The Game

Rust is an immersive and incredibly fun game developed by Facepunch studios, a studio lead by Gary Newman who was the creator of GMOD an immensely popular game! The game pits players in the harsh wilderness where they need to gather resources, loot and build to survive. Team up with friends for the best chance of survival. After awhile the player can get guns and have some real fun. The game is fully PvP/PvE so … Read more

Gary’s Mod Article #6 – Morbus

Morbus is another great Gary’s Mod Game mode. In the game mode players play as either an alien or a human. While the humans must survive the alien uprising, the aliens must try to infect or kill the humans. If a human gets killed by an alien’s claws they will turn into a Brood Alien however if you die by gunfire you turn into a swarm alien.When playing as the alien race, if you either … Read more

Tips to Tweak or Remove the Windows 8.1 Start Button

For those of you that updated to Windows 8.1 now you will finally see Microsoft added the start button back, but it is a very limited version of the former Windows start button. Still I am going to show you some configuration options and ways to use the new Windows 8.1 start button and if you don’t like any of the options, then I am going to suggest using the alternative Start button app called … Read more

Gow an Awesome Alternative to Cygwin

If you are a power user and use both Linux and Windows, you might have Cygwin installed. Cygwin is a set of tools that allow you to run Linux only programs on Windows. Cygwin however has it’s own fair share of annoyances, it’s actually a POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) thereby you do not have shell integration and all the Linux tools will run only within Cygwin. But with Gow, the executables are compiled for the Windows environment, thereby … Read more

Classic Shell Review – Windows 8 Start Button and Start Menu

Microsoft Windows 8 has been widely criticized for not having classic Windows features like the Start Button and Start Menu. While the latest version of Windows includes a comprehensive Start Screen with customizable shortcuts and a nifty search feature, loyal Windows users who have been using the decades old interface features have been complaining quite loudly across the web. As for the previous Windows versions like XP, Vista and 7, several UI tweaks are being … Read more

Using Pokki to Add Start Button to Windows 8

I have been using Windows 8 for quite a while now but without a touch screen monitor it makes it difficult to really like the Windows 8 start screen and I did find myself missing the Windows 7 start button.  There are some tools online including freeware and paid applications that add a Windows 7 start menu to Windows 8 but Pokki so far is my favorite application for adding a Windows start menu to … Read more

Fix Black Screen with Blinking Cursor in Windows 7

So you may have run into a situation where you tried to Dual Boot Windows 8 with Windows 7 but the process failed by making a minor mistake you may not have even realized and now you cannot even boot into Windows 7 anymore as the boot screen now only has a black screen with a blinking cursor which looks like a dash blinking at the top left. This happens when your MBR (Master Boot … Read more

Find and Delete Windows 8 Startup Programs

When looking to mass delete start programs in Windows 8 you will have a limited set of options available to you from what I can find. Windows 8 moved the Startup Program management to the Windows Task Manager which is actually quite good, unless you are looking to select and disable multiple Windows 8 startup programs at the same time. One thing you can do is search and disable your profile startup applications manually, this … Read more

VLC for Windows 8 and Crowdfunding for Software Upgrades or Redesigns

When browsing to see what Kickstarter projects were floated around and reached full funding it was curious when I saw that VLC had a fully funded Kickstarter Project to create a true VLC for Windows 8 integrated app so users can open media files quickly and easily from the Windows 8 start screen. VLC Viewer is a very popular and arguably one of the best media viewers for Windows and Linux that allows you to … Read more

How to Fix Slow Windows Folder Problems

I was having trouble with some of my downloads folders taking over 10 seconds just to open the folder and display the content in the folder.  I thought the delay was caused by the slower 5400RPM hard drive but it turns out Windows and the way it optimized the folder was causing the Windows folder to load slow and take a long time to display files. I did a video tutorial on how to customize … Read more

Change Windows App Store Install Drive

Want to know how to install Windows App Store apps to a different drive from the default C: drive?  It’s all about the PackageRoot folks! I was getting pretty desperate when I saw I only had 4GB left on my C: drive, I have a 90GB SSD as my Primary Windows 8 Hard Drive and by default the Windows App Store installs all programs on your C: drive in the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps folder.  There is … Read more

Learning About Windows 8

Answering the question many people are asking should I upgrade to Windows 8?  I decided to take the plunge and upgrade my only home machine to Windows 8.  I took the risk of applications not working, dealing with an interface I may not like because I wanted to be in the same position a person would be if they purchased a Windows 8 laptop or if they upgraded their own Windows 7 to Windows 8.  … Read more

How to Delete Undeletable Files and Folders in Windows

Have you ever tried but failed to delete files or folders on Windows? Often malicious programs create such undeletable items, which cause an error message to pop-up when you try to delete them. In this post, we shall learn how to delete undeletable files and folders without using any extra software. Please read the warning at the bottom before proceeding. Through the Search Box or Run Dialog open “CMD”, which is the MSDOS command prompt. … Read more

Win a Copy of the Windows Password Recovery Tool

There are a number of reasons you may need a tool or utility to recover and/or reset a password for Windows, whether it’s because you bought a computer and the person forgot to remove the password, you are doing repair on a computer, or you just haven’t used the specific computer in a long time getting around a Windows password can be annoying. Thankfully Windows Password Recovery Tool helps make it quick and painless to … Read more

Windows 8 Series: Windows 8 Editions, Requirements and Upgrade Compatibility

Microsoft has announced four different editions of Windows 8, targeting new and basic PC users, professionals and advanced PC users, mobile and tablet PC users and IT business-specific users at the same time. These 4 versions of Windows 8 are based on differences in OS features. In addition, Microsoft has announced the availability of region-specific editions, beginning with China. Apparently, Windows 8 will be offered at cheaper prices in China to counter the rampant software … Read more

Top OS and Web Browser Stats – Dragonblogger Visitor Favorites

Have you wondered about what browsers and OSes’s visitors use? Which Windows version is the most popular? Top 5 web browsers: Top 5 Operating Systems: Here are the stats for Windows versions: Global OS and Web Browser Popularity Stats: TOP Operating Systems (OS): Microsoft Windows: The most popular OS of all, and for quite some time now, Windows has had mixed feedback in the past decade, with Windows XP shadowing all OSes for most … Read more