Dell XPS 13 Ultra-portable laptop review

Closing and Final thoughts


I have used tons of Notebooks in my life, a few Ultrabooks as well and they all seem to lack one thing, true quality.  Just opening up this box, I felt true quality.  The laptop feels nice and sturdy with its aluminum and panels, the display is almost indestructible with its Gorilla glass.  The keyboard I like with its backlit chiclet keys, though the camera while good seemed a little odd with its placement, even though there was a good reason being that it aids in keeping the Ultrabook thin.

One downside is the graphics, only being Intel HD 520 but it is understandable being that it has such an amazing battery life, I can’t give it a negative for that.  It does not advertise to be a gaming notebook, so it is not a mark against it and it does not feel like an Ultrabook because of how sturdy it is.  I have always felt Ultrabooks to be flimsy and very delicate; this guy can take some abuse, though I don’t recommend to abuse it, notebooks are people too, well not really but kind of. The sturdiness might be its weight, though it is still very lite coming in at 2.7lbs.


  • Thin and Lite
  • Ridiculously long battery life
  • Made with amazing materials: Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Gorilla Glass
  • Touchscreen
  • Amazingly high resolution: 3200 x 1800
  • Very high brightness/nits 400
  • Chiclet and backlit keys
  • Nice port assortment: 2 x USB 3.0/3.1, Thunderbolt 3, SD Card slot, Power Gauge, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Large and fast 1TB PCI-E SSD
  • Fast 16GB LPDDR3 1866MHz RAM


  • No dedicated video card
  • Battery is built into the unit, not easily replaceable.

While the battery is not easily replaceable due to it unibody design, a quick google/youtube search will show you how to do it to save some money, though this will void your warranty if it is still in its warranty period.  As I mentioned before, even though there is no dedicated high end video card, this is not meant to be a gaming machine, but as you saw it can play anything though you might have to turn down the eye candy and being that it’s a 13.3 inch display, you don’t need to bump the res too high.

After all of my testing, I am without any regrets giving this ultra-portable laptop 5 out of 5, highly recommended to buy and Editors Choice.  It really is a great laptop and does nothing but strengthen the XPS line Dell has created.  It’s also safe to say that it has destroyed those Ultrabook Specifications set by Intel and because of that it can be called an Ultra-Notebook.  Great job Dell.


One question I leave you with… Apple who?

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