4 Most Influential Gaming Bloggers

You might be wondering who are the most influential bloggers in the gaming sphere, and you have more than a couple of gamers who have contributed in meaningful ways to this platform. First, you have to remember how you have an ever-expansive industry, which means you can unearth plenty of insightful bloggers on the subject of gaming. Let’s take a look at some of the most knowledgeable gaming bloggers and how gaming can become a … Read more

IZEA Media Still a Great Place For Bloggers and Brands

I had been using IZEA services and platforms ever since I started in 2008 and it was a great way to get noticed and have partnerships with brands through an influencer network before my sites were big enough to work with the brands directly.  Over the past few years IZEA condensed their many platforms into the IZEA Marketplace which basically took everything from all other platforms and consolidated so that bloggers and personalities can work … Read more

3 More Chrome Extensions to Fuel Bloggers

When it comes to Chrome extensions, there’s such a wide variety of choice out there that it can seem overwhelming which to install. Rest assured, I’ve done the dirty work of trying many of them. Because bloggers have such as prominent presence and exponential growth in digital population, I figured it would be useful to offer 3 more extension options to power bloggers. You can check out my other chrome extension review for bloggers as … Read more

Who Are Your Influencers?

Influencers are everywhere, these are people who influence you from things you may do day to day or how you approach something.  Influencers can inspire you to do better, or make changes in something you are doing.  They can be somebody you look up to but have no direct contact with, or people who you are in constant contact with and consider a close friend. There are tools that measures your influencers on Social Media … Read more